Dec 17, 2012

Arang Appreciation Post.

"I've found you, Amnesiac."

So, hehe, this is what I've been up to. Having finished a grand total of ZERO kdramas and this year (I thought it was zero for all dramas, than I remembered I had belatedly finished ITWY), that fact didn't bother me as much as this: My brother is watching more kdramas than me.

My BROTHER. Yeah, I have yet to watch more than 5 eps of Nice Guy, but Chlo-Bro finished it all. Damn, is that messed up or what? That prompt me to do some catching up on my own (what? they say sibling rivalry is healthy). 

As a result, I'm all caught up with Can We Get Married in one day (technically possible if one does a lot of FFWD), and now halfway through Arang and The Magistrate (turns out you can still be productive with your PS, just play with it whenever Joo Wal's "parents" show up.)

And the result is this very short post (yeah, it's just an excuse for some pic dumping.)

That ain't no CPR, Magistrate.

Have you ever wondered, how would things go down if Seo Rim didn't die and went through with the wedding? In a bizzare-but-oh-so-plausible universe, one that has Magistrate hooking up with the girl in his village (the one with flowers in her hair) and Arang being non-existent (since SR didn't die) - in other words, what would it be like if Woobie and Seo Rim were the OTP? 

I'm thinking, Nice Guy: The Mama's Boy version. Tagline: "I'd love you, but I have to kill you." Morally ambiguous hero, squee (and it'd be a j-dorama, I suppose.) Here's one dedicated to this pairing:
"His face that I saw in the midst of weeping willows, the more I looked, the more I longed for him. As I stand under the midnight moon, his blue shadow is what I see on the yard." 
- From the pages of the Moonlight Journal (aka. Seo Rim's Diary).