Dec 27, 2012

Love, Now Episode 26

Snow:  Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be helping out with the recaps - I've always wanted to do this but never had the balls to run a whole blog. I don't think I can be as funny, and I'll try not to be too long-winded, but I hope you guys enjoy reading this too.

[hellochloe: Bah, as if! I wouldn't be surprised if you end up stealing my thunder. Dear readers, please give a warm welcome to Snow, whom you may recognize as one of the frequent commenter here and a die-hard member of LNAA. I am so lucky to have her here, I enjoyed this post mucho and I hope you do too.]
This episode was a sort of turning point for all relationships in the show. People get rejected, people smile, people cry, people can't stop smiling, people fall sick, people worry. Kinda like those necessary set-up episodes for the fall-outs and resolutions coming. Decisions, decisions.

Snow is:preparing for the awesome.

We continue from Aunt's cringe-worthy confession, to which she is firmly rejected, as gently as possible by Yi Ru's Dad. Dad's reasoning is that all his attention is on the happiness of his 2 daughters and not himself. Aunt leaves dejectedly and cries to her mother and sister-in-law back in the lair of the Lan family. With some misguided pep talk, Aunt soon rises and formulates a new plan: Take care of Yi Ru and Yi Qing's happiness and her own will follow! (Yay for another helper! and *sigh* at Aunt's imaginations).
Shi De comes home and the family ask him about his visit to the orphanage. They notice that he is exceptionally happy and he tries holding it in, before stating plainly "Yi Ru asked me to meet her the day after tomorrow." HEE. The females immediately bombard him, "So she's accepted you?" "Is it a date?" "Can we follow?" =.= Shi De says he doesn't know anything aside from that and excuses himself, all smiley faced.
Yi Ru thinks back to Shi De at the orphanage, smiling to herself. Yi Qing sees this and teases her, saying that he's no longer the Ice Sculpture since he's melted from her sister's "greenhouse effect" LOL. Yi Ru threatens to hit her if she continues while Yi Qing continues making fun of her, saying how they were electrifying each other with their gazes going "bzzz bzzz" for more than a minute. The sisters bicker adorably back and forth before Yi Qing escapes into her bed"room" (How COOL is the design?!)
Qi Ming continues on his turning-serious streak and looks for a new contract with a rather big (?) company. The rep stops him just as he starts explaining, asking if he knows of their main sales target, their company's vision and future direction. Qi Ming can't answer, and the rep says "How can you make a proposal without doing any research?" Ouch. This proposal would not even go past the first round. The rep continues that he's heard of Feng Hua, and that they do produce quality work, but all of it is due to Manager Yang (Yi Ru), not him. It's easy to destroy a company, and so difficult to build up a reputation, does he understand? Double Ouch. Qi Ming listens, his head hanging lower with each sentence.
The rep gives him a chance, reminding that their tender is open till 12noon the next day. Qi Ming goes back to his office with new resolve to fix it. I hope this is not even about Yi Ru anymore, but rather him finding a purpose in his career/ life instead of just floating like he is.
Yi Ru finds him slumped in his chair the next morning, and discovers he has a fever. She (man)handles him to the hospital and gets him on an IV drip. Our ever present Lovely Doctor, Cai Rong passes by and sees Qi Ming (finally) sick in bed. She takes Yi Ru aside and asks, "It must be difficult being pursued by two men, hmm?" She saw how two men drank themselves silly fighting over a guinea pig plushie and thinks perhaps Yi Ru should take their feelings on her more seriously. She advises:
"Both the pursuer and the pursued have responsibilities in a relationship. The pursuer has to accept the responsibility of being accepted or rejected. The pursued should make a decision in accepting the responsibility of the relationship. Constant avoidance or not bothering just hurts the other more, since it means that you don't care." 
She hopes that when Yi Ru has the answer, she will not further avoid it just in fear of hurting one party. WOW. VOICE OF REASON. Lovely Doctor wins points for echoing me.
Yi Ru goes back to Qi Ming's bed side, totally worried and conflicted. She calls her Dad informing him of the situation.
Hao Sheng is thrown into chaos - phones go ringing, employees fly around fetching stuff. Aunt comes in and wonders what crisis landed - we wonder along as she goes up to ask Shi De. The crisis - he wants to take a day off. HAHA.
Aunt comments on how he's become more human after Yi Ru. He takes mock-offense and asks if he was that bad. (You were.) Aunt says he was cold like a robot; they didn't need air-conditioning wherever he was.  Shi De says he was thinking of the company. Saving electricity. DID YOU JUST CRACK A JOKE? Aunt asks. He asks if it wasn't funny, and Aunt says she hopes Yi Ru doesn't like jokes. HAHA. But ISH FUNNY! Shi De needs more lame jokes like this please.
Shi Yun calls Yu Xiang's company for delivery services again. He comes to her house and brings her food as well. His mobile phone is left behind. At the cafe/courier company, Yi Qing is treating Yan Kai in return for his bringing to the hospital last time. She tries to befriend him again, explaining that she doesn't have "fish" like him in her social "pond". Shi Yun comes by to return the phone and sees Yan Kai. She leaves since he's busy. He follows her out and explains that there's nothing between him and the "little girl". Shi Yun says she believes in him and also in herself, but rejects his offer of a drive home. I sense a breakup happening soon.
Shi De wants to learn another dish but Dad says they're going to be busy tonight with a patient. Shi De gets all flustered, "Patient? Who? Who's sick? Is Yi Ru sick?" Calm down, puppy - Yi Ru comes back, holding Qi Ming. Shi De's face changes.