Dec 28, 2012

Love, Now Episode 27


Snow is:rewarded *yes!!*

Before we arrive at that happy scene above, let's backtrack - we were at Shi De's face turning sour seeing Qi Ming coming home with Yi Ru. Dad tells Yi Ru to put Qi Ming into his own room; then he apologizes to Shi De and Aunt, saying that their house would be busy for the night, effectively asking them to leave.
Dad and Yi Ru fuss over Qi Ming, warning him against doing such a thing again. We already know this, but they speak to him like an errant child in the family.
Shi De obviously feels uncomfortable about the situation. "Why didn't you ask about your date with Yi Ru?" Aunt questions since they had not set the location or time before. Shi De, ever the gentleman, says he couldn't have troubled Yi Ru just then. Aunt marvels at the closeness between Qi Ming and the Yang family.
Yi Ru tears into Qi Ming for not taking care of himself even if she understands he wants to be serious now. He tries to get up to complete his proposal before noon the next day but she adamantly refuses. She reminds him, "You know that I'm afraid of people around me getting sick and leaving me. Why are you like this??" He stops then and promises to rest. Hmmm... obviously this is about someone else... her mum? The moment Yi Ru leaves, Qi Ming orders Xiao Wei to send the proposal to his email.

Our boy is brooding but fear not - Yi Ru remembers (clearly shows how important Shi De is to her now) and calls him. She apologizes for the rush earlier and says that she'll pick him up at his office the next day at 10am. Appeased now (rival, what rival?), our boy asks after Qi Ming's welfare and earns extra brownie points.
The next morning, Qi Ming comes out for breakfast. Yi Ru checks on him and leaves for work after making sure her dad is keeping watch on Qi Ming (to rest). Dad has a serious talk with Qi Ming, wondering if his sudden change is good. Qi Ming states that he is playing for reals, or Yi Ru will never take him seriously. Dad astutely says that some things can never be regained once the time is past. Qi Ming says he's never had so much regret before - since he was the only one unaware of his own emotions. He promises to work hard since he doesn't have much time left (because of Shi De).
Adorkable Shi De (casual clothes!) is already waiting outside his office when Yi Ru pulls up. She teases, "Were you that eager?" Heh. He deflects by asking their destination. Yi Ru takes him to the orphanage, planning to film him in his capacity as a sponsor for that publicity/ donation drive video Feng Hua's making. He pretends to get mad at her manipulation, and she stalks away at his pettiness.
You should have told me earlier so that I could have dressed better, says he. You look good enough as is! says she. Like Yi Qing says, not only are you handsome, you're also kind....
"Reeeeally?" he laughs. SO MUCH CUTE happening.

Some cliched filming follows - Shi De plays tic-tac-toe with the kids. The next often-used orphanage scene - film the kids talking about their dreams. The kid sponsored by Shi De can't answer the question, but the whole class answers for her "Her dream is to marry Uncle (Shi De) and become a mother!" while she buries her head in mortification. HAHA the girl has an eye for quality, that's for sure.
And then of course, the adults get asked that question in return. We all know what Shi De's going to say, right? (Seriously the show has made this a point too many times.) His dream is to "fulfill a promise he made to someone".

Well, says Yi Ru, if you work hard enough, your dreams will come true! facing a kid on her left, although she is obviously flirting. Shi De (who is pleasantly less dense these days) picks up on it and repeats that statement, turning it into a question. Yi Ru gives him a noncommittal smile.
Leaving the orphanage, Yi Ru makes up her mind and suggest that they go to their university. She is adorably nervous (I'm filled with butterflies watching her) with Shi De sneaking glances at her.
They go to that exam room and take their seats. Yi Ru takes out the legendary 6-year-old pen and kisses it before holding it out to Shi De.
"Why are you returning it to me? Does this mean you won't accept me? I won't accept that. If you came here just to reject me, we'd better leave" he says. And I just said you weren't dense. Who rejects you while smiling at you like you're her world?!
She holds on to him, asking him to hear her out (hahaha - reverse gender Kdrama wrist grab thing happening). He morosely sits it out, as she starts from the beginning - how she thought he had only sympathy,  then gratitude instead of love for her. But she's been doing a lot of thinking, and she realized something, "That the one who was confused all along was me."
She says that she had been pushing him away although everything he did touched her so much - it made herself so miserable too. She apologizes if her actions have been causing him grief (ya' don't say - but I like that she's owning up). He of course says that she doesn't need to. She declares, "Lan Shi De" but can't bring herself to continue. They laugh in happy nervousness and she turns to the blackboard.
We hear the prerequisite English in this episode (I'm thinking 'em producers heard us about the sexay) as Shi De reads out what she writes word by word, "Would... you... help... me... complete... my... 28th... birthday..." stalls "wishes", as Yi Ru signs off with a heart. (this is what I'm talking about!)
He is stunned and asks if she is willing to let him do that. She nods, and hands him the chalk. And turns behind although the answer is surely yes - I'm so giddy along with her!
George Shi De writes in caps, "I WOULD L<3VE TO" - yes, complete with the cheesy heart. She holds out the pen again, and this time he takes it. They look at each other with all their love shining (what. this is happy cheese.) from their eyes and he pulls her into a hug.
He thanks her for giving him the chance to fulfill her dream. So full of thanks, this couple. She warns him - she's not a gentle girlfriend and she has a bad temper. She hits people when she's mad. He says "I know" and even invites her to hit him. She playfully pushes his face away with her hand. He teases that she's so weak and for that, she falls into his arms.
Yes, I would have that face too if I fell into George Hu's arms.

Because Show doesn't want to end on a high, we cut to Qi Ming coming out of the office - where Shi De and Yi Ru are returning. The second male lead thus witnesses the sweet moment between our newly confirmed lovebirds. Sigh. Sorry buddy, you're already too late.