Dec 28, 2012

2012: Year of The Woobies

'Cause two makes a trend. 

The most memorable characters I've watched this year belongs to a specific category - you know the type, they are the ones that make you die a little inside with their every appearance, ones that make you root for them despite their terrible, despicable acts. Ones that make you question the moral ground you stand on, only for you to toss it aside, hands up in the air, yelling, Argh, I give up! You win! I LIKE YOU. I think.

Here's to characters that make you wanna wrap them in a blanket, hug 'em tight, and never let them go.
Your Highness, don't you know [my heart]?

You know it won't end well for them, but that's part of the charm, I guess. Sad Unhappy endings have a tendency of staying in your memory FOREVAH, unlike your run-of-the-mill rainbows and unicorn variety. Kim Dong Wook's portrayal of a puppet king in k-movie The Concubine, for instance. Is there a sadder excuse for a king than he?

But the worst offender has got to be Yun Woo Jin in Arang and The Magistrate, because I now burst into tears every time I see Woo Jin-shhi's face. I'm not kidding, it's quite perplexing really. I'm hoping a happy show with him in it will rid me of this melancholy.
I will not dare... to love you.