Dec 28, 2012

Love, Now Episode 28

I'm writing furiously these days since we're behind because I really want to get to the juicy and exciting parts that's been happening XD *tells self* you can do eeet! SO.
Maybe the drama producers decided we had an overload of cheese sugar in the previous episode, so we're in for the somber in this one. Since our OTP is officially together, that means someone else has to lick his wounds. He should probably join in with the other one, who gets no third chance. And oh! They sneakily put in the L-word, which we haven't heard despite all the drama.

Snow is:*tying on her headband*

We rewind a bit before Qi Ming comes out of the office. He gets a call from that company rep who tells him that his proposal got shortlisted. The office celebrates his first (small) victory and he goes out to buy drinks. And that's when he sees Yi Ru and Shi De returning. And then, they all see each other.
Uh oh. Yi Ru goes with Qi Ming to the convenience store. He stuffs all kinds of snacks into the basket while Yi Ru scolds him. Gah. These two people. In case you haven't noticed, I have a soft spot for Bobby Dou - although I'm firmly on our OTP's ship. Yi Ru: "We're together now." Qi Ming: "I know." And you can just hear his heart plummeting. It's one thing to see, and another to hear it blatantly spelt out like that.
Taking Cai Rong's advice, Yi Ru acknowledges his feelings for her and makes her response. "You're really important to me, just like family. I believe you treat me like family too. But that's probably just out of familiarity..." Sigh. She makes progress, she backtracks. "Not familiarity. Not because I'm PK-ing with Lan Shi De either" Qi Ming interjects. He tries harder, "Never mind. You're right, I'm just like a kid who keeps asking for sweets. But all I ever wanted was a chance, that's all."
AW MAN. This is like rejecting your best friend kind of hurt and guilt and everything mashed up together. I know he probably had it coming, but it doesn't mean it hurt any less... *tears*
Moving on, Shi Yun is prepping to attend her friend's wedding. Remember - the one she needed a bf to attend with? No? I forgot too. She wonders about how Yan Kai will feel, given his views on marriage. He picks her up and outwardly seems calm. She talks about this being his first time meeting her friends, and that you-don't-need-to-be-nervous-because-they're-all-so-nice-you-feel-so-insecure. Yan Kai smiles tightly, loosening his bowtie and speeds up, as if driving to his doom.
Shi Yun tells him to slow down and he finally brakes when a car passes in front of him. He looses his cool, blaming the other driver. You should have told me if you didn't want to come, Shi Yun says. He sweeps it under, saying that he's not the focus today after all. But he is, since everyone wants to meet Shi Yun's perfect man.

Somehow, Yu Xiang is also dressed up, all ready to take Shi Yun in so she doesn't have to go alone. Sounds nice put like that, but I still don't trust this boy. Shi Yun appears touched by his gesture, while Yan Kai comes in all proprietary. Yu Xiang graciously steps back and pats them ahead - except hands off! Yan Kai detonates. Why are you taking it out on other people? Shi Yun responds and walks off.
He chases and apologizes, saying that he's not acting like himself. Shi Yun sees clearly that he's upset and pressured into attending, when he doesn't really want to. He makes her feel selfish, as if she doesn't care about his feelings. She drops, "Let's break up."
He asks for another chance because he really, really likes her. He can work hard to change - "Don't make me promises you can't keep!" Shi Yun cries. She concedes that she may have been unfair to him, putting him on a pedestal and getting disappointed every time he becomes human. But she doesn't want him to change for her, and walks away. I felt like Shaun Chen was really good in this scene, and I thought Yan Kai's character was really fleshed out at this point.
Back at the office, the staff are wondering if Qi Ming went to America to buy their drinks. Yi Ru tells them to get off work early before getting a call and answers sweetly, prompting the curiosity of them all. They hear her exclaim, "You're downstairs??" And who do they see downstairs? :D
They now understand why their boss never came back. At least they are all commiserating with him.

Because Shi De's day off is very long, he is still waiting for Yi Ru till she finishes her work, and surprises her with a bouquet of flowers. They have some cute exchanges before she turns serious and asks, "Can you accept the presence of Sun Qi Ming?" She leans into him when he doesn't answer immediately (girls knows how to work her advantage). "You know that we have a very special relationship. He's my boss, a friend who's like family, and my ex-boyfriend (why did you people make this so complicated??). I wouldn't wish for my dad to lose a son, or for my sister to lose a brother to spoil her, or for me to lose a close friend just because we got together."
Shi De, being Shi De, replies that he cannot limit her life, and that only she can determine the position Sun Qi Ming has in her life. "Because I love you, I choose to trust you." His only condition is that she place her hand in his pocket when it gets cold (so cheesy! ack! and so small a condition!) He asks that she tell him everything in the future, promises not to interfere with her decisions and he'll be responsible for her. He leans in for a kiss...
Yi Ru turns away, "Camera!" He grunts, "Where?" NOWHERE.
Sighs. Letdown, he suggests they go home since he has a cooking lesson. She teases that he might as well stop since he got her already. Shi De says he really wants to learn and be like her dad, fulfilling the stomachs of the ones he loves. After all, the saying goes, "The way to a man's wife's heart is through her stomach." Where is my Shi De to spoil me??
And because this is actually a somber episode, Qi Ming finally returns to the office at this point. He sees them leave and then goes up to nurse the faux Togepi  his broken heart. He reaches in under the head,
ACK! Why make him more pathetic, Show!