Dec 29, 2012

Love, Now OST: Blank Spaces (Tian Kong) by Jia Jia

Fellow LNAAs may have noticed a mysterious song that keeps repeating throughout many emotional scenes in recent episodes. Well - the mystery is resolved with the release of Jia Jia's (家家) new album "Unforgettable", in which is the single 填空 / Tian Kong, "Blank Spaces" (unofficial English title translated by moi, literally Fill in the Blanks).

Hailed as Taiwan's Adele, Jia Jia is known for the R&B quality she brings to her songs. I really like her soulful voice, which is apparent in this song as well as the song she's most famous for, the mellow ballad rendition of Mayday's "Zhi Zu" which appeared in their 3DNA movie as well as the drama "Ring Ring Bell" last year. She is signed to Bin Music, which must now be the king of OSTs with their artists (Yen-j, Della Ding, Magic Power, Victor Wong, Mayday) contributing to practically every SETTV drama soundtrack.

Blank Spaces (Tian Kong) by Jia Jia

I once thought being stubborn was right,
Although I sometimes yielded to weakness
Until I realized I was being played for a fool
Then I started questioning myself.
My heart is calm, following the rhythm of my breath
I struggled, I decided, going back to the start
Hoping for happiness to respond

Can you give yourself without reserve?
Can you forgo being fully conscious?
Having a blank mind and emptied heart
Makes it easier to be filled again

I can do it
I can make it even without the past
Life becomes a blank space again
This time, I would fill in myself
(*second time) This time, the answer is me.

掙扎了 選擇了 然後歸零,期待幸福回音。

可不可以 交出自己 全放棄,
可不可以 別再要多清醒,
腦中的空白 空洞了空心,

我可以了 關於沒過去,
也可以了 生命再變成 填空題,

Translation Credits: Snow L @ chloeplus