Dec 13, 2012

I don't obsess! I think intensely.

EEEEEEE. Have you seen next episode's preview yet? THURSDAY'S EPISODE IS GONNA BE AWESOMESAUCE. Though I can't dispel this irrational (or rational?) fear that it could be a dream sequence. 

If that proves true, someone's gonna pay.

Chlo-Meter: *crack knuckles and licks sword*

Episode 27's Preview: 
Child at the orphanage: "Uncle, what's your dream?" 
Shi De: My dream is to fulfil a promise I made to someone. 
And she writes on the blackboard, in English, we don't get the full sentence but we hear her say in a voiceover, asking him if he's willing to fulfill the wishes she made at 28 years old.

She returns the pen and they hug. Smiles all around. 

Why do I get a bad feeling about this O_O MY PESSIMISM KNOWS NO BOUNDS.