Feb 6, 2011

Pics Abound On Dream High's Set

The first half of the Woo-U couple:

...with the second half right here XD :
There so many uncertainties in this show: the identity of K, MiGook versus SamMi ship, Sam Dong's hearing prob, etc. 

But what's certain is: I'll be waving my pom poms with a cheer: *Woo-U FTW!* (Sigh. It's good knowing there are some things that are certain in life.)

Selca FAIL (In Sung and Sam Dong's head!): 
But I'm guessing Suzy uploaded this 'cause she still looks good innit.

Spoons are popular accessories in selcas:

I gotta admit I don't hate In Sung as much after seeing the actor in Cyrano Agency. Must be his curly 'do that made me hostile.
He's tall!

IU is one incredibly talented girl. Got a shock when I found out she'll only be turning 18 this year; honestly thought she had to be at least 20 or older. 
And so I'm worried for the Woo-U couple...will they get to kiss? What's the legal age for some kissing action in kdramas?
I want a K-I-S-S! 'Cause this ain't a j-drama dammit =_=

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