Feb 6, 2011

The Novel: Marry Me, Mary! (Chapter 4)

Announcement: Show Your Love To The GeunGeun Couple! Submit Your Original Fanart As The Next Novel Cover
So, I was thinking...since this is a fan-for-fan project, I wanna extend this opportunity to you fans to show your love to the GeunGeun couple as well! I need some pics for the so-called "front page" of the novel for each chapter, so for the more PS-savvy people, you can now submit your M3 fanart; just drop me the links as a comment below. 
For example, the above pic is something I did, inspired from the the original manhwa
Yeah, I'm afraid that's pretty much I can do with my GIMP. I suck at PS, especially when it comes to images. Therefore I would really appreciate your help for the future covers for the novel. The "raw materials" for photoshopping are readily available, be it from the manhwa or the drama (or if you're artistically inclined, feel free to draw free-hand). 

One important thing though: Please include the words: Marry Me, Mary! The Novel. Feel free to include other words as well. But do be careful not to typo Mary Me, Marry! instead (like I've done so many times). Also, please do name yourself when you drop the links, I don't wanna credit an "Anonymous".

As the ones who can't draw and have no clue on how to operate PS (*sad*), please feel free to spread the good word to your friends who might be interested in this. I thank you in advance <(_ _)>

I would also like to thank the many readers for your comments in the previous chapters, for without it I wouldn't have move my lazy ass to do Chapter 4. So thank you, please know that your comments urgings were not typed in vain. Love.  

Chapter 4: Prequel To A Date (Manhwa: 12-13)

At the urging of her friends, Mary has decided to meet Mu Gyul again to get the undies back. It's not like she has a choice, since they are pointing fingers at her for this mess.

Perhaps because of this reluctance, she's now running late for the meeting. Mary wonders if he'll leave first if she's not there. "It's all my fault! I was careless and now I have to face the music."

Meanwhile, Mu Gyul's sitting idly at the bus stop waiting for her, his face bearing an expression of utter calm. Suddenly he freaks out, struck by the realization that this situation is absurd. Him waiting on a girl?! This should not be the case! He sighed and folds his arms across his chest, deep in thought. 
Me, Mr. Hotness On And Off-Stage waiting for a girl?! No way!

While waiting, Mu Gyul is making up excuses on why his date is late. He comes up with one, a perfect excuse to flatter his vanity: "Looks like being tardy is a woman's best weapon against us men...getting us anxious while we wait." (oh it's all for you isn't it?) 

His mind wanders from the smug "Ho ho ho...I'll soon have her eating out from the palm of my hand!" to the frantic "This woman, has she no sense of time?" and finally we move on to the dramatic "Is God jealous of my love???" When he couldn't stand it no more, he got up and yelled: "Still not coming?! I won't stand for this a minute longer!"  But when he sat back down, his face was completely serene. "Ah~ it's great after yelling out like that. I feel totally refreshed now." (LOL.)

Meanwhile...Mary is rushing to the meeting place, 15 minutes late. 
Driven to the brinks of insanity? 

Mary at long last arrived, and what greeted her was the face above. She looked on at him, curious. When Mu Gyul belatedly realizes her presence (a.w.k.w.a.r.d), he quickly recovers and tries to put on a stern face instead. "You! Why are you here so early?! And now of all time!!"

At the sidewalk cafe, both sipping their drinks, both completely silent...
But that's only because both of them were keeping their thoughts to themselves. He thinks she's no ordinary girl, since she didn't even bat an eyelid to his weird(ass) expression he made just now (^see above pic). While she thinks it's normal for him since he's born and bred on-stage, hence his eccentricity. Sigh. And I say women from Venus, men from Mars.
Mary gives him the benefit of a doubt: He may have his antics on stage but he's probably not that weird off-stage, it's probably her overactive imagination due to all that running she did as she was late. She said to him:
Mary: I did not think you'd call. Keeping those lingerie to yourself for so long, you must be feeling guilty, huh?
Mu Gyul: That's just an excuse.
Mary: Oh I see. As long as a girl gives you her number, you'd call for sure?
Mu Gyul: Of course not. First have to make sure she's cute before I'd call. But don't worry, I'm not referring to you. (Meaning she ain't pretty.) 
Mary admits to herself that she has met with an invincible opponent, but despite all that sarcasm, she begrudgingly admits that he has charm. She hates being bullied, but why is her heart beating faster?
Mary: Anyway, you brought the clothes with you, didn't you?
Mu Gyul smilingly says he did. She switched back to jondaemal with him (the conversation before was in banmal): "Then quickly hand it over." This frustrates Mu Gyul, and he tells her to quit being two-faced and let her hair down when she's talking to him. But Mary cuts him short and reaches out her hand, repeating her request. But instead he was deep in thought:
"A windy afternoon on a sunny day, the quiet streets,
Her looking at me, I feel as if I can fly, 
This kind of feeling - how should I express it...?"

Boy it looks like someone's in love. Or shall I say two? Mary wakes him up from his reverie, speaking loudly as she demands for the clothing yet again. Mu Gyul answers as loudly as he hands her the lingerie, "Here, take it! What's the use of me having it, it's not my size anyway."

Mary, shocked: "Does that mean you would've worn it if it were your size?" 

Mu Gyul concedes defeat. There's really no way around this girl. He doesn't contest further, instead he says he will hand it over, under one condition:
Mary: What?
Mu Gyul: Treat me to a meal.
Mary: But I'm not hungry!
Mu Gyul: Only worrying about your stomach, have you got no conscience? Let's go~ I'm starving~!

Chloe Says: Meanwhile, I'm counting the chapters till Kim Jae Wook's character appears. His manhwa self is real hot. Woot!

Credits: Won Soo Yeon@daum, Baidu's Marry Me, Mary!