Jan 16, 2011

SG Finale Dinner

*Sigh* Don't you wish you were there? The perfect way to end this epic drama - with the stars themselves in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. If this show were aired live here in Malaysia, I would wear an "I LOVE SG" T-shirt, and make my family wear it too while we watch the final episode. Le sigh, wouldn't that be wonderful... let a girl dream, will ya? 

This song is the song in Oska's No Smoking campaign scene (the one where he was singing with the 'lil kids), it's so cute and it IS really a song for a No Smoking campaign:
Smoke Free - U-Kiss 

I'm sure EVERYONE is here at the finale dinner, but I only have the non-main cast here:

Sec. Kim in casual wear. He might as well be wearing a tracksuit.

Mr. Sexy Voice, Lee Byung Joon.

JW's mom. As evil as she was, I'm hoping for a reconciliation so that there'll be a big happy family in the end. 

JW's sis, played by actress Choi Yoon So. So pretty. 

Lee Jong Suk accessorizing: 
For people who want more of the Finale Celebration Dinner, unfortunately I couldn't get more photos (I think it's a close door celebration, perhaps SBS will release it later). But here's a Tudou newsclip on people coming and going. It reminds me of a movie premier:

I dunno where to put this lovely me2day pics posted yesterday, so I'll just place the triplets here:

I don't think I've watch a couple registering for marriage on a kdrama before. But then again, I had many firsts on SG^^
Ha Ji Won looking happy she Just Got Married. Hehe.

More on the Smoke Free Song (can't get enough of it). A Eng subbed MV and The Making Of..., also subbed:

Chloe SaysThinks: Will anyone actually stop smoking because of this? Nah, but it's still the cutest campaign ever!

A news clip featuring the making of the MV: