Jan 16, 2011

Secret Garden Twitter Updates

Whad'ya know? Another celeb tweet. Since I expect many more in the future, I shall regularly update this post. But you guys don't have to dig the archives for it -I'll set it to show up as Latest Posts. And the newest tweets will be on top, with the previous at the bottom.

Tweet #4: Hey, what a surprise! Even Go Hyun Jung is watching SG, is what she tweeted today (16/1/2011). 

Can you guess which one is her? Yep, -she's the one in black jersey with a headband. 

Tweet #3: Looks like someone also agrees with Episode 12's 
The Stare being epic! This time it's Writer-nim's good buddy and actress Kim Jung Eun (who twice starred in the writer's Lovers Trilogy -first being Lovers in Paris and then in Lovers).
Kim Jung Eun filming for SBS's Chocolate

This was what she tweeted this morning (20/12/2010):

"Today...SG's ending...is really the best best best!!!!!      I! Love! You! Kim Eun Sook unni! Shin Woo Chul          PD-nim!!! ㅠ ㅜ"

P.S: I ain't kiddin with the amount of !!! she uses. I counted -_-

Tweet #2: About Writer Kim's husband threatening to divorce her if she kills off Joo Won (tee hee. So will the grounds for divorce be "irreconcilable differences"?). Twitted right after Episode 12's broadcast, he said to his writer wifey:
"Will Joo Won die? You'd dare try that? I'll divorce you!" ㅋㅋ
Keke. I like her husband already.

Tweet #1: Park Han Byul is in love with SG...and so is the rest of Korea. Just a tweet from another star who has caught the SG disease. 
She tweeted on the 18th: 
"Today is SG's broadcast day! Aigoo! Foam that makes one completely excited!~"

 And she goes off to do an imitation of Ra Im's foamy lips -_-"

 Via Twitter (chinese translations by Baidu's Secret Garden)