Dec 29, 2010

This Week's Spoiler On Location

SPOILERS abound! And I've no complains: Gimme, gimme, gimme! 
"She maybe the mirror of my dream"

      Date: Today in the morning (29/12/2010)
Location: Gimpo and Incheon International Airport

Joo Won driving to the airport. Said to be going to Jeju-do's mysterious restaurant (Ra Im's dad's place). Filmed in a personal jet and the filming location is very cold. People are using binoculars to spy on their filming.  

Date: I think it co-relates with the ambulance pictures I posted yesterday and today
Location: Again, based on yesterday's should be the LOTTE Department Store (or LOEL in the show)

Joo Wanda and Sec. Kim in the elevator (uh-oh. Can you guess where this is going?). It's raining and they switched bodies. After realizing he's in the elevator, Joo Won could hardly breathe. 

At this moment, his past memories replayed in his head. Something like that (the poster says).