Dec 29, 2010

SG For 19 And Above Only

Presenting you... *drumroll* the raunchiest edition of parodies ever! I suspect this may not sit well with some readers (like the sort of shock you get when you discover your bf's porno stash, I think?). Shocking, but understandable. Boys will be boys. For me though, I say let's uncork the champagne and give toast to our sexiest edition ever. YUM-O, haha.
Not all are jaw dropping o'course, but nonetheless all are fun-nny.

The good ol' technique of sticking a big head into random bodies never fails to deliver the laughs. The 101 Faces Of Oska. 
Now the only thing missing is Oska's head on an Oscar. Now that would've been punny XD

LOEL's ideal VVIP card design:

Joo Won the merman:

Up, up, up and away! 

You may have the following expressions from now on:

A sly wink to Ha Ji Won's Olay endorsement, hehe.

Joo Won reading the kind of manga I hate the most (watermelon boobs!)

Omo, no wonder he was so into the poetry! 

I'm more disturbed by the fact that the policeman is looking at a half-naked Oska on the net.

 That's all folks! Tata~