Dec 29, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Secret Garden Episode 15 & 16

Whew! I'm relieve beyond words this week's spoilers are much easier to translate, unlike last week's fiasco. 
Spoiler In Words Episode 15
Joo Wanda calls Oska "oppa" (which is really telling because it's suppose to be "hyung"), Oska is surprised and wonders whether Joo Won's condition has regressed. Meanwhile, the Jong Soo who finds out that the Ra Im who told him not to confess till the day he dies was not really her, got really angry (me thinks he'll really beat JW up into a pulp).

Belatedly realizing that Joo Won was really the one who went to the sauna with Seul (@Jeju-do golf club), he tries to beat Joo Won (i.e Ra Him) and grabs her by the collar. Jong Soo stops him, as he does not want Ra Im's body to get hurt. He tells Joo Won (i.e Ra Him), "Wait till you come back, you'll see." (LMAO can't wait. I say bring it on!)

Spoiler In Words Episode 16
Because of Joo Won's phobia, he could not attend the audition for her (as Ra Him). He feels guilty for that. Ra Im feels sorry for the loss opportunity. Joo Won then hugs her and says he'll attend the audition, don't worry. 
Ra Im, tears in her eyes, puts on a forced smile...Joo Won tells Ra Im he'll make her believe that miracles will happen. Joo Won hugs her as her tears falls. 

Chloe Says: I'm still having a hard time getting use to them being romantic and not squabbling away...oh well, no complains here. *shrugs*

Via dc, Baidu (Chi translations)