Dec 30, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Ep.1

Even basking in the afterglow from my latest romance novel read, I can't stomach this cornier-than-a-corndog storyline (but then again I remember how corny SG sounded - remember that one?, and all hope is not lost). I have also sadly realize that Kim Soo Hyun will be taking the back seat, 'cause with Suzy and TC meeting like that, my money's on them being the OTP. Crap, second lead syndrome again? Why can't I seem to like the first lead in kdramas, like, ever? (oops -sorry Joo Won baby, of course you're excluded).

Kiss Me - IU (super sweet rendition, sang live.)

Spoiler In Words
Go Hye Mi (Suzy) dreams of becoming the next Sumi Jo (a famous opera singer, whom btw, is related to Prosecutor Princess's hottie Yoo Gun. Yum-O!); not long ago she was a beautiful and talented girl from a well-to-do family (that's not to say she isn't pretty and talented now, just not rich anymore)
Miss A's Suzy and Sumi Jo

But after her dad's company went bankrupt, her dreams went away with it. Because of the company's bounced cheques, her dad often goes into hiding from the debt collectors. And Ma Doo-Sik the debt collector keeps chasing after Hye Mi relentlessly for the one billion won debt (wow, a billion won? That's exactly how much SNSD's outfits cost! *1 billion=approx. 880 000 USD)
By chance, Jin Guk (Taecyeon) happens to pick up Hye Mi's purse and he also saves her from danger. 
Hye Mi soon learns that she'll need to enroll into Kirin High School, a school that trains stars in-the-making. Ma Doo-Sik is the one who suggested this, as he wants her to become a famous star in order to pay of her father's debt (wouldn't it be easier to make her work in a room salon? Just sayin'). Hence the sacrifice she had to make -she has no choice but to give up pursuing vocal music at the 
prestigious Julliard School of Music. 
She decides to put her past behind her and works hard to become a famous singer; she'll repay the debt and take up her favorite vocal music again. 

I stubbornly add more Kim Soo Hyun stills here:

Okay, must not offend those Wooyoung fans as well:

Lastly, the couple (love how the colors pop out in this one):

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