Dec 31, 2010

SG Episode 15: Preview Transcript

Ra Im and Joo Won revisit the mysterious restaurant in Jeju-do.
Ra Im: Could it be that bottle of wine? That bottle of flower wine I asked you to give to Oska, did you give it to him? (don't lie now, Joo Won...)

Seul to Tae Ssun: Do you realize right now you look like a woman jealous over a man? 
Oska at work: (I'm) moved and would like to apologize, I want to get back on track ASAP and get back to Seul's side.
The two practice sword skills in the snow (gosh, they must be freezing their ass off!)
Joo Won: You really want me to go to the audition?
Ra Im: Being able to stand like that for the audition, it's my dream. 

The preview video:

Via dc, Baidu (Chi trans) and snowiiee@soompi for mentioning said preview.