Jan 1, 2011

The Next SG Cameo: Han Ye Won

Notice: SG is as per usual this weekend, but please take note Episode 15 (January 1st) will be airing 15 minutes later than usual. (Updated!)
Got this news via Twitter, tweeted from the actress herself. Perhaps you may (hazily) remember, she starred in 2009's kdrama underdog, Shining Inheritance as Lee Seung Gi's sister. 

But the reason she's on is not because of SI, but of course because it's a favor for Writer Kim and PD-nim's 2008 kdrama, On Air. She played the role of Cherry in the show, if you'd recall (but I wouldn't know 'cause I heard bad stuff about that drama, and being the obedient girl that I am, didn't watch it).

She'll be appearing in Secret Garden's January 1st's broadcast (i.e. Episode 15) as a singer. It turns out that the composer for the song that Oska is accused of plagiarizing has also given the song out to a few other singers as well. And one of them is Cherry.

Han Ye Won expressed her gratitude for having the chance to cameo for the popular drama Secret Garden. She's also currently busy working on a TV adaptation of a musical drama. 

Via Twitter, Baidu (Chi trans)