Jan 1, 2011

A Phone Interview With Ha Ji Won

So how was your New Year celebration? I hope no one partied too hard and end up with a hangover or anything. One must be in tip-top shape to watch SG after all *wink*

How was mine, you ask? Er, it's always quiet-er compared to Chinese New Year (noise is relative). Ahhh there's nothing like the cacophony of activities during CNY (luckily, that isn't until February).

So in light of 2011, it's only appropriate that I post a "happening" song instead of the usual sappy songs I feature in my posts. I've just discovered a new kpop band, Supernova (thanks Revy for introducing me to their songs). Oh yeah, they'll cameo in upcoming kdrama Sign, so be sure to catch it!

On the song: It's actually a 2009 track; I bet kpop-ers have heard it before BUT I DON'T CARE you have to listen to it again! I think I lost track of how many times I watched the MV. Love the uber catchy beats and the fact that they're like what? -Five people rapping in one song? (love you Eunjung). It's also now perpetually on repeat on my iPod. 

Time To Love - T-ara feat. Supernova (coolest song about parting lovers, ever!)

Interviewing Ha Ji Won: During filming, she dozes off whenever possible.
"Actually I had no idea (the show) was such a hit, I only found out when manager oppa and my friends told me. I can only say I'm very grateful to everyone."
Only people living in a cave have not heard about "SiGa" (*what Koreans call Secret Garden, an acronym). In SBS's Secret Garden, Ha Ji Won plays a tough-as-nails stunt woman who gets hurt every other day but still says she is happy and laughs out loud. 

-These days everyone is talking about Gil Ra Im. 
"Haha, these days if I'm either on set filming or sleeping in the car, so I really wouldn't know. The people I meet everyday are either cast or crew members. But occasionally friends will send text messages and call me, saying, "Hey! You're very popular lately" only then I'm struck by the realization (that it's popular).

-How many hours do you sleep everyday?
"An hour a day? Or an hour an a half?"

Ho, you were able to survive like that? 
"I'm also amazed, how did I do that? Whenever there's free time, I'm "out" (i.e Zzz...).

-But still what have you been doing to have such supple skin?
"Well, it's one of my ultimate skincare tip- a facial mask I can put on anytime. If you put one on before makeup, the end result is much better. I've tried this and it works, I also hand them out to the crew, and it's very popular. It's because everyone's exhausted, so the effect seems much more pronounced."

-You and Chadonam (*cool/brash urban guy) Hyun Bin seem to be a good fit. Are you worried that his girlfriend, Song Hye Kyo might hear about it?
"Eh, that's just acting, how can it be real? But *carefully*, did Ms. Song said anything of it?"

It's not that, it's just the fans worrying. 
"No worries, we don't have anything going on. It's just the great atmosphere on set, so the scenes come out beautifully, I think. 

-It must be tough filming in such cold weather.
"Honestly, it was tough. I was afraid I might come down with a cold, so I took comprehensive measures."

Of course you should, you always get soaked in the rain (in the show's soul swap, she's always the one in the rain)
"Rain under this weather condition is really life-threatening. Actually I just filmed one yesterday. Swapped souls with Hyun Bin and went back to myself. Having a sprinkle shower at a temperature below zero, you can really feel the chill up to your bones. Even your hair turn into icicles the moment the water hits you."

You need to drink tonics. You said before that you liked snake soup right? (hellochloe's trivia: Koreans believe that a bowl of snake soup is the best "stamina" food. However it has since be banned and drinking it could put you behind bars.)
"Hahaha, not snake soup, it's eel juice (hc: you know, the yucky black liquid-in-a-packet that ppl in kdramas drink? I think it's an equivalent to chicken essence for us Chinese -eww how I hate those stuff. Mum ALWAYS forces it up on me during exam period). Nowadays I frequently drink it. When you feel like you're coming down with a cold, plum tea does wonders too. Have you heard of a 30-year-old plum tea? It's a gift from an acquaintance, thanks to that person I'm holding up pretty strong."

-You have it tough, playing a stunt woman and not a princess character. (hc: hmm...is it a jibe at the upcoming MP?)
"Everyone was worried, but I thought it was fun. And it's no empty words, I'm really grateful I had this experience. Hopefully at the end of the day, people are able to say, "I'm glad it was Ha Ji Won who did this role." (hc: boy, am I ever)

-The ratings are sky high.
"The teamwork is the best. Working for a drama, just one person doing well wouldn't cut it. Not long ago, to express my gratitude I gave the staff windbreakers. I also prepared shoes for them as a New Year present. Oh, I plan to giveaway some facial masks as well."

-The Bench Kiss, Cappucino Kiss and Party Kiss has become a hot conversation topic. (hc: Party Kiss...Mmm, I like the sound of that)
"Writer-nim's ideas are just amazing. It's very realistic, hence it looks even more beautiful on-screen."

-The BTS photos of the kissing scenes has also become a hot topic.
"I don't know why I found it so funny, after the kissing scenes I felt a little embarrassed, a little awkward, but also fun; a whirlwind of emotions. It was those moments captured in picture that everyone saw and liked."

Wait for it, my favorite question in the interview...
-You have passed the age where it is only appropriate to kiss in dramas. 
"That's what I'm saying." (LOL, I love HJW even more now, if it's even possible)

-What's your wish for the New Year?
"Hope that everyone is happy and healthy through the year. Personally I wish that everyone will love Secret Garden's Gil Ra Im till the end."

Via nate, Baidu (Chi trans)