Dec 31, 2010

TFW: Funny Stories BTS + Ep.9 Preview

You should know by now and I'll say it again: This blog ain't PG-13. So *shoo* little boys and girls!
This is what qualifies as a "rape" scene, people. But luckily a woman is the one doing the act, so feminists can't complain, heh. 
Announcement: The Fierce Wife FB page passed the 10 000 fans mark last week. The "couple" is estatic, to say the least:

Taiwan's favorite supermodel, Sonia Sui:
TFW Producer, Sis Pei Hua said: The "7" gesture is in hope that'll it will break the ratings ★,:*:‧( ̄▽ ̄)/‧:*‧°★*

Sign meet for TFW fans:

That must be the producer Sis Pei Hua, haha:

A message to fans from the couple: 
"If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask us in TFW Facebook. We will try our best to answer your enquiries."

TFW co-stars exchange Christamas presents
LOOL my tummy is aching from too much laughter, no doubt the neighbours think I'm a loony right now:

LOL, they just crack me up; Sonia Sui and James Wen -one of my all time favorite onscreen couples.

His gift to her: A heart shaped pillow
Her gift to him: A scarf

When asked by reporters if the gifts bear any special meaning, James Wen replied that because he's a bad guy in the show, the least he could do is be a nice guy outside the show and give her a gift from the bottom of his "heart".
Sonia's reply on the reason for the gift: "The scarf is given in hope that there'll be no animosity between us because of this drama. Though in context of the drama, it is to "strangle" him. Very convenient."
Reporter's question to Sonia: "You said that you were 
uncomfortable with James Wen during the filming of TFW. Why is that so?"

Sonia's reply (look at James during her reply, his facial expressions are priceless!):
"Because the filming is done everyday, and the script was so good it made me fall into the character easily. I'm the type who can't control her emotions very well, hence I don't feel charitable around him, especially on-set. 
I'll think to myself, "This guy is...a BASTARD"
She then clarifies that it's only her feeling as her character, and it's completely different in real life. She pacifies him by saying it's because he's a very good actor, therefore she was able to slip in character easily.
Reporter (to James Wen): " During the filming, have you felt that Sonia was treating you differently?"

James: "That's why I avoided the girls. While they were on the 2nd floor, I went to the 3rd floor to "repent". I was rehearsing the script by myself."
His message to the boys: "If you can't afford to "play" the game, don't." He continued jokingly, "Unless you're Kang De (his bro-in-law in the show) *laughs*, Kang De who can face this things lightly."

Episode 9 Preview:
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