Dec 31, 2010

SG: 31st Dec Spoilers & News

Say bye bye to 2010 and hello 2011~ *sniffle* I always get sentimental at this time of the year...(Updated!)

Newsflash #6: Clearer pics of Joo Won @the airport (apdy I'm sure you would want to see this^^). The scene will be featured in Episode 16:

Oh shoot. Someone get me my earplugs, there's going to be some engrish going on again (although to Binnie's credit, he did say "Columbia University" quite sexily).

Newsflash #5:  Oooh here's a first, the SG filming crew are resting now (posted on dc, tweeted by SG staff):

Today (31/12/2010) the SG crew has wrapped up for the day.
-Throughout the two days and one night shoot, they only had a total combined three hours of sleep
It's a wonder how they don't nod off halfway=_= Zzz...

Newsflash #4: Ha Ji Won's new year message to yorobun^^

The message:
"Thanks to all of your support, I'm very happy; and because of you guys I am looking forward to next year ^^ Year 2011!!! I sincerely wish you all the best of health and a happy new year; love you* guys (*saranghamnida)"
-Secret Garden's Gil Ra Im 

Newsflash #3: Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won send flowers to 4MEN's concert.

On the left: "Hyun Bin . Ha Ji Won"; on the right: "4MEN The Best!" 

Newsflash #2: Lee Jong Suk and SNSD's Hyoyeon are good friends. Spotted in a purikura together!
I like the point-finger gesture especially, LOL.

Newsflash #1: Below are the spoilers from DC yesterday, some of them which I had posted earlier but these paint a clearer picture to the scenarios. Remember: discretion, discretion. 

a) Joo Won faints in the elevator; Ra Im cries in the rain. This is because it was Joo Wanda in the elevator previously and they've suddenly switched souls. Joo Won's condition strikes him, and Ra Im cries for his name under the rain.

b) Ra Im and JW's mom meet at the charnel house. Ra Im is there because it's her dad's death anniversary, but Ra Im's mom happens to be there on that very same day, indicating that this must be related to the accident.

c) Seul is at the hotel to attend an event and coincidentally meets The Cameo Guy (Lee Jun Hyuk). Oska and Ra Im bumps into them after dinner (oh they just had to be there, didn't they?); Oska gets jealous and kisses Ra Im. 

Grrr....hate hate hate c)!!

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