Dec 20, 2010

Secret Garden: Hot Location For Next Week's Shoot

Okay. Worst fears confirmed. Someone ends up in the hospital. 
(First posted: 19/12/2010, now updated: 20/10/2010)
Oh no, I think the dramagods heard me. Remember not long before in one of my posts I wished for an encore of the hospital scene? Seriously, I was just joking. But clearly dramagods don't have a sense of humor.

However, things aren't so dire (at least it isn't cancer or amnesia). Good news or bad news first?

Good news: It's a non-surgical hospital
  Bad news: It could very well be a spinal cord injury
Starting from this point here I was talking to myself:
*When does it happen?*
Good news: It could be from the past!
  Bad news: It could be not.
*Whom does it happen to?*
Good news: Perhaps not one of the OTP?
  Bad news: It's probably Ra Im.

Gah this is killing me. The weekend isn't even over yet and already I'm wishing next week would come quickly.
Hospital Scene, updated (20/12/2010):
Venue: Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine (it's the largest oriental hospital in Korea; specializing in non-surgical spine treatment and joint disorders)
They did the filming today (20/12/2010) and the filming site was covered up with SG posters.

Latest rumor: Ra Im's the one who gets hurt. Joo Won goes with her to the hospital because of this. But what's interesting is this: Joo Won's mom and aunt will also be there.

Just to share, these are some interesting speculations by the fans:
Q: Why are both moms also at the hospital?
The Logical Theory: They've switch bodies and so it's really Ra Im in Joo Won's body (i.e. Joo Wanda). That's why the mothers are there.
The Funny Theory: The moms are there to check out the probability of their stepmother getting pregnant. And there they happen to meet the OTP.

Q: What will happen to Ra Im?
The Practical Theory: Joo Won will have to do Ra Im's Dark Blood stunts.
The Dire Theory: Now that Ra Im is in such a state, Joo Won finds RI's dad to fix this and offers his soul as an exchange (like in Ah Young's dream).
The Optimistic Theory: The Dire Theory + Everything will be okay 'cause in the dream RI's dad appeared with roses.

A penny for your thoughts :)
Updated clearer photo of Oska's scene in the cafe (see previous one here.) In this photo you can clearly see someone is with him. Looks like Seul (and it's the hairstyle from her past?):

Via SG's official site, hdmedis, dc, jaseng and Baidu (chinese translations)