Dec 21, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Marry, Me Mary! Episode 14

JGS on stage is the hottest JGS. Agree?
Mary witnessed the whole kidnapping process and brings the police with her. Mu Gyul is finally rescued, but in the process My Gyul's arm got injured again. During Mu Gyul's kidnapping, Wonderful Day's showcase almost got cancelled but luckily Mu Gyul made it in time, and the showcase was a success.\(^o^)/ 

It was at this moment when Mu Gyul publicly confesses his love to Mary and serenades her with "Hello Hello" (I may have romantize it a bit here, can't help it). Mary's dad sees the three of them living together in Jung In's house, and got such a shock he fainted. They voice their views and tried to convince him, but dad finds it unacceptable.

Jung In's dad forces Jung In to send out the wedding invitations, and pressures him to quickly proceed with his marriage to Mary. But Jung In tells him that he can't marry her just because of his dad's selfish motives. This is the first time Jung In confronted his own father.
Meanwhile, because of the success of Wonderful Day's showcase, Mu Gyul's popularity soared to new heights the very next day. As a result, he got a lot busier and spent less time with Mary. Mu Gyul's birthday is on Christmas Eve. He decides to celebrate it with Mary right after his gig ends. But things did not turn out that way.

Because Mu Gyul failed to keep his promise, Mary went to find Jung In, hoping he could help her fulfil her Christmas present wish.

Chloe Says: Like what I said before in my Hall of Fame, Won Soo Yeon's stories specializes in forced live-in together situations that arises from Huge Gaping Plot Holes and near nonsensical story developments, but really, who watches kdramas for cinema verite anyway? I want more OTP moments!!  

Credits: TVDaily, Baidu (stills and Chi translations)