Dec 20, 2010

Hyun Bin Sings For Secret Garden

Wha-aat? You heard that right. Our Binnie is contributing his sexy voice to Part IV of the OST. And the song he'll be singing is none other than Baek Ji Young's "That Man".  
Something tells me I'm gonna have a nosebleed when that moment comes. 
When asked about the reason for this production, it's because of the audience's wishes for to hear a male version of "That Man", hence the move. The producer said, "Despite Hyun Bin's busy schedule due to the filming, he'll also be participating in the OST. I reckon the earliest you'll get to hear it will be on the 27th of this month."

The fourth OST will also include a song from the Christmas tree scene -"You're My Everything" by new singer Jeong Ha Yun. And of course Yoon Sang Hyun's included. He'll be doing his soulful rendition of "Here I Am", a song originally by 4MEN. Sounds like Part IV of the OST is really not to be missed!