Dec 25, 2010

A Chance To Visit Joo Won's Home

Since we are not the press or anything, this may be the only time you'll get to visit Maim Vision Village. 
It's open to everyone. You, me, heck even ALL the Gardeners at soompi can go and visit. But here's the thing: It's hosted in Japan, thus the tour group will depart from Japan to Korea.
Departs from: Haneda, Narita, Nagoya, Fukuoka.

SG Tour Itinerary:

1) First Public Opening! SG's Photo Opportunity Visit
a) Oska's Piano Practice Room
b) Swimming Pool
c) Oska's House (outside grounds only)
d) Joo Won's house (outside grounds only)
e) Oska's Dance Practice Room

2) First Time Exposed! Video Of The Production Process

3) A Mini Fanmeeting With Hyun Bin
*Actors from SG may also participate

4) Hyun Bin's Group Photoshoot
*Actors from SG may also participate

5) Secret Garden's OSTs

6) January 16th SG's Finale With Hyun Bin (omo, I'm teary-eyed thinking about it already... Boo! what am I going to do when it ends? Most importantly, WHERE am I suppose to go for replacement? I think I'm gonna need a therapist on speed dial after this)
*Actors from SG may also participate

7) Lotte Duty Free Store - ¥ 10 000 gift voucher

Date of Departure
A: 15 January 2011 (Sat) - 17 January 2011 (3 days 2 nights)
B: 15 January 2011 (Sat) - 18 January 2011 (4 days 3 nights)

Cost: The whole thing sets you back by approx. ¥ 120 000

Chloe Says: Which means = USD 1 400. I it expensive? How much is the flight ticket from Japan to Korea? I reckon it is since M'sia to Japan costs about the same, and that's only because it's so far away.