Dec 25, 2010

The Novel: Marry Me, Mary! (Chapter 3)

First things first: While this chapter was a delight to read, it was a pain to translate. Why, you ask? Well, I'm the kind of person who would translate sentence by sentence. S-l-o-w-l-y. I have to make sure the first sentence is perfect before going to the next one, more often than not dwelling ad nauseum. 

And in this chapter there was a major dilemma on how to translate the word "underwear", which practically appeared in EVERY sentence. G-string? Lingerie? Bra? Or the more modest "undergarments/underwear?" 

I kept changing the words back and forth, deliberating which term goes best with the context in the sentence. Note to thyself: 
Boys and undies/G-string/bra/lingerie do not mix well in a sentence. Most of the time I'm trying hard not to make Mu Gyul sound like a pervert. Whew! No wonder they did not include this into the drama...The Lingerie element that made them kept meeting each other was appropriately changed into the The Signature

They shouldn't have done that though; can you imagine what M3's ratings will be like with Jang Geun Seuk holding a thong? BWAHAHA. 

The perfect accompaniment for today's chapter:
Dalja's Spring OST -Sweet Lover

Chapter 3: Love At First Thong (Manhwa 8-11)
In the car, the manager reprimanded Mu Gyul, "Haven't I told you many times not to get to close to the fans? It looks like you're interested in her, huh?" 
Mu Gyul bows over, upset. "Hyung, I'm close to the edge right now, so don't talk to me." Something at the bottom of his feet caught his eye. It was Mary's jacket. He picked the soiled garment up and barely looked at it before he threw it out the window. He yelled at the top of his lungs, not particularly aiming at anyone, just screaming out his frustrations.

Meanwhile, Mary stormed her way through the cafe, her anger not subsided yet. Her friend hurried over, and the two exchange greetings for a while before Mary gives her the parcel. 
Ji Hye happily opened it, but to her surprise she finds a men's jacket instead. "Mary!!! Where has my beloved undies gone to?" (*pfft* that sounds so weird) 

Mary is even more surprised. Dang it! She must've left it in the car!

While Mary is worrying, Mu Gyul's on cloud nine. In his room, Ji Hye's precious possessions were laid next to him in all its glory. 
So this is what a girl's undies look like...

He *examines* the G-string; eyes dreamy. It's a little bit different from what he had imagined. 
He picks up a bra. 75B. "So she's a B. Wi Mae Ri, is it?" She's really different from what she appears to be, he thought. He thinks about her funny nickname again and drifted off...(dreaming about something real nice, I bet.)

They Meet Again
Mary feels sorry she lost Ji Hye's lingerie. Although she dreaded meeting him, but it's inevitable if she wants to retrieve the undergarments back. Mary goes to Mu Gyul's studio and demands for them. "Do you not understand Korean? I've already return you your jacket, so give me back my undies!"

They bickered back and forth, with Mary increasingly irritated while Mu Gyul is coolly amused, flirtatious even. He tells her not to treat her "oppa" like this, and she was dumbfounded: "Since when were you my oppa?" "Don't tell me, dongseng? So, noona~ "

THAT'S IT! Mary's had enough. Prepared to walk away, she told him, "You bastard! I hope you live well and don't let me see you again, you pervert!" While walking, she wondered, "Why on earth won't he return me the lingerie? What is he up to?" 

She turns back, but only to throw his jacket back, saying she has no use for such a thing and sarcastically tells him to wear it well.  Mary turned to go, but Mu Gyul stopped her by snatching her wrist. He said:
"I'm sorry. I'll return you the underwear. Can we date?"
Mary: ". . ."  *goes red*  *sweat*

Stunned by the weirdest weird-ass pickup line.

He looked at her and said, "I'm drawn in by your taste in lingerie." (seriously, Mu Gyul??? Chesus. What in the world...) Mary stood still, stunned into immobility. 

Mu Gyul: "Let's be together."

His bandmates and manager added their two cents in on the situation: 
"Knew it. Something was off." 
"No wonder he keeps looking for the girl and gives her trouble."
"I'd figured he would do that."

A side story omitted by the author here (perhaps it wasn't really relevant to the plot): At this time, a fan walked in. She seems to be a regular, since all the band member knows her. Mary recognizes her as "The Angel" at the concert before. She's holding a bouquet of roses, presumingly intended for her biggest idol, Mu Gyul. But Mu Gyul, oblivious to her feelings, holds Mary's hand and declared their relationship. 
The fan looked crestfallen. The bouquet dropped from her hand. 
Mu Gyul picks them up, only to present them to Mary. (what a pig! how can he be so insensitive?) 

Mary saw her pain. She "graciously" accepts the roses, only to use it as a beating tool to whack some sense into him. 
The Final Blow

Credits: Woo Soo Yeon@daum, Baidu's Marry Me, Mary!