Dec 25, 2010

Short Notice VI

Do you know what's the first thing I did when I woke up? I went to Tudou for my SG fix. But I was greatly puzzled by the fact that I couldn't find any raws for Episode 13. 

Could it be everyone's too busy during Christmas? I was majorly bummed for a while...but then I realized: "Of course the eps are not there, you idiot! It hasn't even aired yet."
Is this the sign of addiction-of-no-return? I'd like to think not. It's just my usual forgetfulbabo self-_- 

But I'm not here to tell you how stupid I am, I'm here to post spoilers, albeit just a tad bit:

Edit: Oh yeah, Shirley@soompi has posted about their upcoming swap in Episode 14 that will happen during the rain (which seems to be a perquisite for the swap to happen) in the car.

This will also happen in Episode 14:
  Time: A comedic moment post Swap No.2 
Venue: Ra Im's home
Scene: Ra Him practices martial arts while Joo Wanda practices...his signature! (lmao! *rolls off the floor*)

SG Pics for Today
Latest Ha Ji Won on set pics (I think it was yesterday's, not too sure):

Today's Seoul Doll Fair 2010 at Samsung-dong:
Facial features? So-so. The clothing detail is super meticulous though, right to the very thread. My favorite being the bling-bling jacket, which is super *sparkly* here.

Via dollfair, me2day, dc, Baidu (chi translations)