Dec 26, 2010

Episode 14's Preview (Based On Ending Of Episode 13)

I was sleepy and was going to sleep UNTIL I saw this and the 
adrenalin kicked in and I wasn't Zzzz anymore. It's 1 AM here by the way.
AWESOME EP!! *standing ovation applause*

If they're any mistakes in this transcript, it's MINE and not the Ko-Chi translator, 'cause she/he is my sifu and is super skilled. Sifu is the one who thought me Ko grammar at Baidu the other day (for the Ep 13 and 14 SIW), if you'd recall. 
A Moment To Remember

Oska voiceover: I'm trying to remember, one day I'll sure to remember about it. So, one by one, I'll piece them together.

Oska's manager very angrily seeks Oska out:
That plagiarized song, you know it's plagiarized and yet you're recording it? 

Oska's finds TS and says: That's right, I knew that you guys know each other!
Ra Im dancing with Joo Won (seriously, a sight to swoon)
RI: I know that if I continue to meet you, things will be much harder in the future

Ah Young gets fired, she walks into the house holding a cardboard box; JW's mom voiceover: Ruining your friend's life, can you life a happy life yourself?
Christmas tree and deco in RI's house, JW kneeling (OMG really? *rubs eyes* the classic romantic gesture, gah this totally unravels my heart) 
RI: Even now, am I only to be your Mermaid Princess? (JW I dare you to say yes, I'll chinca kill you then)

Seul brought a cake and finds Oska (oooh it's the Piano Room): I'm here because I'm worried about you. It's better than letting you daze off alone.
RI to JW's mom: I can't break up with your son. This is for your son's sake. (I'm betting this is Ra HIM and not Ra Im, if you look closely her eyes have a JW stare and she's speaks more authoritatively)   

Youku vid for the said transcript (it's good 'cause they're no shitty scenes of Seul pre-preview, just right to the gist):
She looks pretty pissed (Yeah, you gotta admit she's pretty.)

Ep 13 Ending/ Ep14 Preview: 

Via SG's Official Site, Baidu (screencaps and Chi trans), dc