Feb 3, 2013

Love, Now Episodes 31-33

Big, big sorry to fellow LNAAs... I know I haven't posted anything for agggessss... But aside from uni, I also got distracted into watching The Big Bang Theory (marathoned till Season 4), School 2013 (which is awesome), The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (need the next episode!!) and... anyway, you probably don't need to hear this. I haven't exactly caught up to the series myself, so hopefully what I'm writing will still be from a non-spoilery perspective. (And hopefully comments will stay that way too!)

Ahhh... I have missed the sugar rush from our favourite OTP.

Snow is:   *whistling from the candy overdose*

EPISODE 31 RECAP - Bow-tying (everything prettily)

Yi Qing gets a call from Aunt for courier services. Yu Xiang accompanies her, and finally everyone's identities come out into the open. (I had forgotten that Yu Xiang saw Shi De in the hotel last time XD) Yi Qing mentions how Yu Xiang is pursuing Shi Yun, which promptly turns Shi De's face into a warning. Yu Xiang is rightfully stunned, while Yi Qing remains oblivious to the tension and thinks how great it will be when everyone becomes family (because of Shi De and her sister, and Yu Xiang and Shi De's sister).
Yan Kai calls Shi Yun to meet one last time, to say goodbye to each other properly. This is really goodbye to Shaun Chen now. They agree to keep their memories of each other and split amicably.
Qi Ming visits Shi De in his office and tells the same lies about how his confessions to Yi Ru were designed to test him. Shi De doesn't buy his bull and says so. Qi Ming asks if he must always be so direct, "Even if you knew some things weren't true, just believe that they are. It'll be better for you and Yi Ru." He leaves Yi Ru into his hands, finally bowing out properly.
Shi De and Yi Ru have a lunch date. She thinks it's time for her to meet his parents. He agrees and tells his family, who are naturally jubilant. Following dinner, she visits his room and spots the photo on his desk. She thinks he's narcissistic before he tells her to look at the girl in the background. She doesn't recognize herself at first and goes into a bout of mock-jealousy, before he prompts her to look again.
"It's me. It's me!" She exclaims in wonder. He finally explains his feelings for her, and she finally (did I write this too many times?) realizes that he has been having feelings for her for such a long time (to be honest - not an aspect I like to think about, since it was really a crush and he didn't even know her). Then, she makes a face, which mystifies him.
She claims that it's unfair that he secretly had a photo of her, which sat on his desk for 6 years, while she doesn't even have one of him. She wants to take one exactly like that now, with their poses reversed. As they adjust positions, they back up and both fall into that bathtub of his, knocking their heads (heh heh heh... I'm already imagining the possibilities when they get married...).
Yi Ru returns home in high spirits. She's brought the guinea pig plushie home from the office. She finally finds the ring that Qi Ming put in there. She goes to Qi Ming's house to give him that bag she bought for him, and returns him the ring. She thanks him for his feelings for her, and tells him to give it to a worthier woman. Qi Ming smiles in acceptance (yes! end of mopey Qi Ming).

EPISODE 32 RECAP - Sweeter than honey

Now that they're talking again, Qi Ming sends Yi Ru off to get herself some pretty things. Elsewhere, Granny is trying to rouse a sleepy Shi De. Did you get what that means? RUMPLED Shi De, in bed. Last time this happened, there wasn't a coherent thought anywhere.
Erm... what was I saying? Oh right, Granny was trying to get him up, since he should be taking the chance of this public holiday to take Yi Ru out. She also reminds him that he hasn't gotten her agreement to marry him yet. Whoa there... obviously Shi De feels that she's being too rushed, but Granny points out they got married in 3 days last time. Heh. She has a point there. She tells him to propose today, and if she doesn't agree, he will not be allowed home. (Then he can stay with Yi Ru!) She practically forces his hand when she grabs his phone to call Yi Ru.
Calls her, he does. Granny almost has him out the door before he points out that he needs to wash up and gets changed. She agrees, and watches him. He pointedly shows her the door. Nuh-uh. I'm staying too, with Granny XD
So Shi De picks Yi Ru up and tells her that he has a mission from Granny. The success or failure of that mission depends entirely on her. He brings her to a beach and sits her down on a log since he has to prepare something. He gets a branch and starts writing something on the sand. Then he leads her to it, making sure she can't see while he walks backwards.
He has written, "Marry Me" in a heart, "Forever and Ever". When Yi Ru remains stunned into silence, he tells her that this is the mission, and makes it clear that it's also his heart's desire. He gets down on bended knee, and mimics that scene in Boracay when he proposed to her.
She says, "But I'm not 30 yet." He knows that's her plan, but wonders if he could pre-propose, and they get married only when she hits 30. To be sure we perfectly know they're mimicking Boracay, she turns away. No! You don't do that to earnest boy!
He's ready to admit defeat. But of course our girl doesn't mean to turn him down (who would!) and just tells him that it's another year and 9 months before her 30th. He gets that she's agreeing, and puts on the ring for her.
Qi Ming meets with Cai Rong to thank her for helping him through his misery. She asks if he's thinking of going back into the ocean, but he now understands the pain of unrequited love. She decides to cheer him up by bringing him to a playground with kids. Turns out they're her cancer patients. They have story circle time, and she starts looking at him in a different way.
Shi De tells Granny about the results of his mission. Granny is predictably displeased and stalks off in a huff. Shi De sends a message to Yi Ru, "Granny considers my mission failed since you only agreed to my pre-proposal. If I get kicked out later, will you take me in?" (The boy is so much smarter these days.)

EPISODE 33 RECAP - Too much sugar so we need some water

Yi Qing sees the ring on Yi Ru's finger, which catches Dad's attention. Dad wonders if they are moving too quickly, although Yi Ru assures him that it's only an engagement. Dad calls her out on her bull, and wonders if she's being too impulsive. Yi Qing tells her sister that it's just her dad being reluctant for her to leave, is all.
Yu Xiang, who now realizes how small their acquaintance circle is, reconsiders what to do about Shi Yun. When she calls for courier, he sends Yi Qing to go in his place. Zi Yuan rightfully tells him to give up his revenge. (Honestly, I lost track of this thread a long time ago. Still waiting for this character to become interesting.)
So Yi Qing meets Shi Yun and introduces herself as Yi Ru's sister. Shi Yun reiterates their small social circle when she mentions that Yi Ru's sister was the one pursuing Yan Kai (Haha... again, I had forgotten how criss-crossed their relationships were.) Anyway, Yi Qing tries to get in a few words for Yu Xiang, telling Shi Yun about his broken relationship. Shi Yun thinks he's misdirecting his emotions on her, although she's a little unsure.
Qi Ming appears at the Yang family house while Shi De is making dinner. Apparently he's taking a culinary test. The whole family sits down to eat while giving opinions on Shi De's cooking. Qi Ming gets a call from a "little darling" and excuses himself, which makes everyone shake their head at what they think is a lapse into his old ways.
He appears at the hospital to tell a story to the cancer kids again. He listens to their heartbeats, and borrows Cai Rong's stethoscope when she comes in. The kids ask for her turn, and he stops awkwardly.
Yi Ru is walking Shi De out as they engage in another round of hugging and clinging. He tells her that he won't be able to pick her up the next day as he has to go outstation to meet a client. When he says he'll only be back two days later, she adorably grumbles, "That's so far away!" Hehe. He hugs her and says "I'll miss you." She replies, "I'll miss you too. And miss you very, very, very much until you come back."
Qi Ming finally goes back to work the next morning. He announces that he's taking on a new project - he wants to make a donation film for the cancer patients. Yi Ru takes a call from Shi De, who promises to be back by her side soon. Argh - bad premonition.
As Shi De hangs up, he sees someone in distress down by the river as he drives onto a bridge. He goes down and gets into the water to help the woman's husband.
Next thing we hear, phone calls go to everyone saying that Shi De's gone missing. I literally mean EVERYONE. Shi Yun tells her mother not to panic and alarm Granny; she'll go check things out. Yi Ru gets a call which freezes her, and Qi Ming takes action to drive her there. Yi Qing gets her Dad and calls Yu Xiang. Yi Ru arrives at the river in a daze.
The search and rescue team find Shi De's coat. They shout "We found him!" except that it's the person Shi De jumped in to save. Yi Ru sinks down to the ground, sobbing.
Shi Yun tries to comfort her. Yi Ru cries that they only spoke that morning, that he promised to return, that he's never lied. "Shi De, where are you??"