Jan 8, 2013

Love, Now Episode 29-30

*School has started, so slow as the recaps already are, I'm afraid we're gonna get even slower *sobs* But the anticipation shall be greater! And I shall try to be more concise (what I tell myself every time lol).
We continue dealing with the fall-out from formed and broken relationships - which means general mopiness save some words of wisdom. Qi Ming spirals further into despair; Yi Ru finds support and tries to reach out to him. Fortunately, we have our increasingly reliable dose of OTP cuteness and dorkiness. People always talk about ladies who glow when in love. Methinks Shi De is the one glowing all the time now. Heehee.

Snow is:  cheering them on!

Aunt shows up at the Yangs while Yi Qing is watching TV. She tries to bond with her as well (in the view of a future mother) and asks about the types of men she likes. Yi Qing is interested as it appears that Aunt may know many men of calibre. Shi De and Yi Ru also arrive at the door. Yi Ru is not ready to break the news to Dad yet (yes, we're still on the same day from 2 episodes ago). Shi De is to zip his mouth. And he can't put his arm around her either. And the flowers - what to do about the flowers??
Stuff them into the shoe cabinet. REALLY? =.=

So they go in and pretend they met coincidentally downstairs to Yi Qing, since Aunt clearly knows they spent the day together. Hah. Dad arrives home and first question is - "Who put flowers into the shoe cabinet?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD
Aunt and Yi Qing flatly deny their involvement. OTP look at each other and blurt out "I bought it!" "I put it there!"
Yi Ru is worried that Dad doesn't like her being with Shi De. Dad clarifies that although he's biased towards Qi Ming, it's only because he's known him for so long, while he doesn't really know Shi De yet. Besides, the one he loves most and places above all is his daughter. Aw, Dad is so sweet and fair - he's probably the most normal of the senior generation in the show.
Yi Ru is still worried about Qi Ming who remains out of reach. Give the man some time, girl. Yi Qing wisely advises that all is fair in love, since you can't force feelings when it isn't there. Qi Ming mopes in a bar while Cai Rong comes in for dinner (they are obviously being set up as the next couple since this is too many coincidences not to count). He feels like he's dying inside, would she save him? Cai Rong still has the wrong expression on her face =.=
The Lan family is troubled over Shi Yun's break-up news. They have a family moment in her room where she assures them that she's alright. She cleverly diverts their attention by wondering about Shi De's progress with Yi Ru. He protests, but can't hide the contented grin from his face. Hee.
Dating couple routine begins next morning - Shi De decrees that boyfriends have to send their girlfriends to work. He even brings out his homemade breakfast for her, only to have Yi Ru bring out the one her dad made. Aww. He tamps down his disappointment and tells her to have that. She grabs his over, and asks if he will accept her father's good intentions instead, since she wants to fill her tummy with "the breakfast my love made for me." Kekeke I really like how much Yi Ru is in this relationship once she's committed.
Mood changes again at the office when Yi Ru walks in to find everyone worried. She goes to Qi Ming's house and finds that he's sleeping on the couch (presumably having passed out the night before). Haih. I empathise with Qi Ming but Show is stretching my sympathy a leeeeeetle thin. She sees a note Cai Rong left encouraging him. Yi Ru apologizes silently, but she is willing to help in any way except choosing him. She leaves after making him congee/ porridge. Qi Ming opens his eyes after she's gone and eats the congee, commenting that her cooking skills are as lousy as ever.
He pays a visit to Dad in an attempt to clear up the air - he returns the keys to their house (what? I never knew he had them ><). Dad refuses to accept that since he treats Qi Ming like his son, and he expects him to come by whenever he wants to; Qi Ming thanks him.
Yi Qing goes to see Yan Kai (again) and he tells her about his break-up with Shi Yun. He's applied to be sent abroad (oh - is this the end of Shaun Chen's cameo?) and he might not be coming back, although who knows about the future? Yi Qing sends him off with youthful enthusiasm and well wishes, although she is a little put down. She receives a call from Aunt.

Aunt asks about the delivery service Yi Qing works at, calling her over to send some documents. Of course, this is a not-very-subtle cover for asking about Dad - Aunt wonders if he mentioned her at all recently. Yi Qing says no, but cunningly smartly says that he often stares into space while looking at his recipes. Aunt goes into a woozy thinking that there is progress.
Shi De comes in with Angus, dictating work. The staff who had been chatting up till a moment ago, immediately sit up straight and go silent. Yi Qing sees this and sneaks up calling, "Future brother-in-law!" Haha. I am cringing yet grinning because Shi De being embarrassed is rather fun to see. He wonders why she is here, and Yi Qing lamely says that she's checking up on him on behalf of her sister. She says he works hard, but is no fun at all. "What's the fun in being an ice sculpture? It's cold enough in winter." The staff snigger. "You look so good when you smile; why are you hiding it from people?" She doth speaketh wisely. That makes him smile, of course. He receives a text message which makes him smile further, earning him teasing from Yi Qing. She bounces off before smiling specially at Angus, saying that she'll come visit more often in future. Haha. I like how she's always bouncing with energy. Yes, I noticed  I used that word twice. Okay, skipping.
Shi De calls Yi Ru who asks if he can accompany her shopping. They meet after work and Yi Ru asks him for help in choosing a male briefcase. When she reveals that she's buying it for Qi Ming, he makes a face and walks off "Sorry~" while she pulls him back. Keke. She wants to encourage him since he's trying to make an effort to work hard. Shi De asks, "Aren't you afraid I'd get jealous and choose a really, really UGLY bag?"
Haha. She trusts him but asks that he doesn't pick a too pricey one. He laughs widely. Mock-petty Shi De is so much fun too *grin* She picks one with some patterns on it that would be feminine imho except that it suits Qi Ming's character. Tellingly, he picks a simple, all black, classic masculine design. She takes that too and heads for the cashier. Disconcerted that she's buying BOTH for Qi Ming, he stops her.
She's like, "Well one is for Sun Qi Ming. The other, I want to give it to my boyfriend. Do you think he'll accept it?" Hee. Why they so cute?
Qi Ming meets with Cai Rong in a restaurant for dinner. He reflects to her that he never really knew love before it was too late. He always thought that he was a gentleman when he was actually the one who hurt women the most. As to Yi Ru, he has no choice but to give up. Cai Rong tries to cheer him up, suggesting that they go for a drink later. Can I have playful Qi Ming back already? :(
Shi De gets ice-cold treatment from Dad who sits there with a stern face. LOL. Future-in-law meetings are either extremely fun or disastrous. I think we're leaning towards the first here. Yi Ru rescues him when she comes over with tea. Our earnest boy reports that he will treat Yi Ru well and make her happy. Dad declares first that he's made a decision that they have to accept - he will continue treating Qi Ming like a son and he shall have freedom to remain in their lives. He hopes that it will not be a point of contention. Kinda refreshing to have everyone involved dealing with this matter head-on. Shi De gives his promise. Dad then whispers, "My daughter has a bad temper. You might have to give in to her." Hehe yay! I knew Dad would come round!
Yi Qing asks for some food which Shi De volunteers to make. Some hilarious teasing ensues where Yi Qing would needle Yi Ru, who would be tempted to hit her as usual, resulting in Yi Qing complaining to "future brother-in-law", which then makes Yi Ru stop and flash a sunny smile while threatening her sister under her breath. Heehee. I like this tandem. Dad watches all this with a satisfied smile.
Yi Ru sends Shi De off which becomes a round of "Ok, you can go in now. No wait! Ok, now. Oh, I have something to tell you." Shi De asks for a kiss on the cheek - when Yi Ru caves, he turns and catches her on the lips. Cheeky boy! Shi De hugs her and says it won't be cold anymore like this, and Yi Ru says jokingly, "Now it's getting hot." Haha. Maybe George Hu's blood is rushing again (people who watched interviews before will catch my drift) :P
Yi Ru decides to go visit Qi Ming and give him the bag she bought, while Yi Qing decides to follow. They arrive just as Cai Rong helps a very drunk Qi Ming settle on his couch, still mumbling "Yi Ru, don't worry. I will forget you." The Yang sisters leave somberly, Yi Qing commenting that Qi Ming is no longer like himself. I totes agree.
At work the next morning, an insurance agent comes to renew Qi Ming's policy. He passes the documents to Yi Ru since Qi Ming is still playing the mopey boss. As she files it away, she sees his older policies and in all  the beneficiary columns is written "Yang Yi Ru". Uh-oh.
Qi Ming walks in and Yi Ru confronts him, asking what does it all mean. She says that she rejected him because she wished to be true to her own feelings, despite her guilt and unease. But with this, she doesn't know how to face him because it seems to make her the "bad guy" who never took any interest in his affairs, with no concern for him whatsoever. Erm... I'm not sure how this equates to one another.
Qi Ming dismisses it all as insignificant, that he named her just on the spur of the moment when the agent asked him 6 years ago. He tells her just to treat him as a friend, colleague and family member. Yi Ru tries to clear the air properly with him. He responds perhaps with a thread of honesty at first - he was worried since Shi De had played a fool of her before. So he pretended to pursue her sincerely. Wait, what? I'm sure you're lying right now.
But in the course of his pursuit, he realized that they were real. Ok, now you're honest again. So at least, my two confessions were not wasted, right? Although they made me really tired... Now you're lying again! And Yi Ru knows that too as she looks at him. He concedes that Lan Shi De is truly a good man and tells Yi Ru to treasure him. Then he spouts off more nonsense to keep his own sense of dignity as Yi Ru tears. He pushes her away to answer her phone when it rings, sure to be Shi De's morning call.
A subdued Yi Qing heads to work and asks how Yu Xiang felt when his ex broke up with him. Hah. Another fish farmer biting the dust. She suddenly sees how cruel love can be, when she saw Qi Ming's state. She tells them of Yan Kai's heartbreak as well, and tells Yu Xiang to treat Shi Yun properly so that she doesn't see any more tragedies of love. If only she knew.
They ask if she'll continue looking for him, but she tells them that he's leaving and possibly never returning.The boys can hardly hide their glee at the news that Yan Kai might not return, for their own reasons.