Apr 20, 2013

Last Cinderella.

I'm watching RAWS of this show, people, the raws!! The fact that I'm watching this show w/o subtitles speaks volumes, because I can't remember the last time I've done that. And the reason being:
Presenting His Royal Hotness Miura Haruma-kun.

*cue porn music* (no, that's not me being horny. Seriously, Miura-san has his own soundtrack in the show.)

Basic Plot: Sakura, a kind-hearted 39-year-old spinster hairstylist, finds herself wooed by Hiroto-kun, a 24-year-old struggling(?) BMX rider. And to complete the love triangle, there's her newly appointed boss, who is an old friend (their relationship is the bickering kind though).
There's also a secondary arc involving Sakura's friends, but whatever, back to the real plot, ahem. I gotta say, I don't find Miura Haruma that hot (he's cute I admit, but not of the ovaries explosion kind). BUT. (There's always the butt. *cough* I mean, but.) There is just something about his character in this show, that swag and smirk of his in this show that makes him utterly irresistible.

Also, his lines are unintentionally funny. See Exhibit A:
HE SAID WITH A STRAIGHT FACE. I mean, who goes around calling people Cinderella??? I CAN'T EVEN.
In fact, his entire swag existence is SO cheesy, I'm actually surprised he is a hit with the ladies (but he is, because steamy sex scenes galore omg). Maybe he's a gigolo on the side, idk. That would certainly explain why he is chasing after Sakura-san - oh, did I mention that his feelings for her are not genuine. At least, not yet. He gets a call from this hot chick/ half-sibling maybe? (who's jealous of Sakura because she wants Sakura's boss for herself), and suddenly it's a cheese festival in here, with him laying it on thick to poor Sakura (or should I say lucky? Yeah, definitely lucky.)

But his usual wiles aren't working, and as he works her way into her heart, who's to say real feelings won't get in his way? Hee, I can't wait for that to happen.