May 6, 2011

Yang Mi and William Feng walks hand-in-hand for upcoming cdrama "The Symphony Of Destiny"

A c-version of Cinderella Sister, anyone? And no, before you run off swearing to never visit this blog again, it isn't a remake per se. Neither is it a "reinvented" remake or anything like that. I'll tell you why later, but before that I want to bring out the big guns: The writer for Silence, Xu Min is in on this one! I don't know about you, but Silence is one of the few Chinese-Korean productions I actually enjoyed. With that one show Zai Zai gain my respect he never did in Meteor Garden. 
Zai Zai aside, let's talk about our main co-star here: William Feng. Have you guys watch him before? I suppose some of you might have in The Girl In Blue or the popular Gong costume drama series (also with co-star Yang Mi). But mine is a little weirder, considering the circumstances: It was in 2004's wuxia drama Wind Cloud 2 and while everyone was drooling over Peter Ho and/or Vincent Zhao, I had my eyes set on a queer frizzy afro dude by the name of Huai Kong. 

I know I'm weird T_T 

But he was so cool! AND he had a epic romance subplot! (oh someone please tell me I'm not crazy. Any wuxia fan? *hopeful*)

Oh yeah, about the CS comparison. But I suppose it's because: 
A) it's a joint China-Korea production, and 
B) It's about the desires of two non-blood related sisters, a tale of revenge and redemption set in the fashion industry featuring models and designers. 

If you're wondering which part is the "Korea", it's not the main cast but rather a behind-the-scenes kinda thing. They even hired the stylist team from kdrama Take Care Of The Young Lady and has also secured a number of sponsorships from international brands to make this a success. 

Sounds ambitious, I know. And for that reason alone I'm kind of wary (look how well Summer Desire turned out. I caught up with a few episodes earlier this year in Taiwan (few seconds per epi) and it was a wince-fest. A traumatic experience *shiver*
On the story for The Symphony, once can expect an evil sister-good sister kind of relationship without the CS twist. The sisters grow up with similar interests (fashion industry), taste (hottie William Feng). 

Yang Mi plays the goodie (of course), and her sister sabotages her at every chance she gets. Now we're not talking about petty sister fights here, it's frame-you-till-you-land-your-ass-in-jail type (but it's all good I guess: as consolation, Yang Mi gets Prince William upon her release XD)
So you get the gist: Misunderstandings, backstabbing, etc. etc. Especially the misunderstanding part for the OTP, no thanks to sister.

Via Baidu