May 5, 2011

Sung Yuri Shares Romance Town Anecdotes In Press Conference

RT still manages to surprise me after 2 trailers. Sure, I knew she bought the lottery, but I didn't expect her to actually win it. And keep the money. And continues to work as a maid

And the fact that Soon Geum is "bold", "fearless" and "unafraid to work hard"? Try loud mouth, as in your mouth-operates-faster-than-the-brain-but-slower-than-her-actions type of gal. 
Damn I love this show already.

Back To Basics: Sung Yuri enlists the help of Fin.K.L's choreographer and dance teacher
During the press conference held at 3 PM on the 3rd recently, a trailer was unveiled to the press. And in it Song Yuri was seen in a blond wig dancing her butt off (I meant that figuratively. Maybe.).
What she said about the scene: "I felt a lot of pressure for the night club scene, so I went to Fin.K.L's dance teacher to re-learn everything again...during the scene when I was closing my eyes and dancing hard, my wig nearly came off!"

On seeing Sung Yuri dance, co-star Jung Gyu Woon said: "(She is) indeed an ex-idol, it's just different and worth watching."
In the show, Sung Yuri plays a No Soon Geum whose mouth is faster than her brain, and whose actions are faster than her mouth. Rather than studying, she enjoys rough sports; rather than men, she's more afraid of money. 

When she bought the occasional lottery and made an unexpected windfall, she continues to work as a maid to conceal the 10 billion won (currently USD 9.25 million) she won.
Sung Yuri on her character: "No Soon Geum is a character I want to play. She says whatever she wants, thinks the world revolves around her, she's innocent and sassy at the same time, your typical blood type B woman (*think B for Bad Personality, the infamous character Lee Dong Gun played in My Boyfriend Is Type B). Thanks to her (character), shooting has been very interesting and there are a lot of memorable moments."
Romance Town tells the story of such a maid, on people and money, and love over money.

D-day is 11th May peeps! Mark it down on your calendars<3

Via Baidu's Romance Town