May 19, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 4

For those who felt that Gun Woo needed a kick where it hurts the most, don't be. For Gun Woo will probably be a pauper soon, notwithstanding the fact that Soon Geum will come upon 13 million USD. Oh, the irony of life.
What can I say? Karma sucks, dude, so play nice this time around.

Spoiler In Words
Soon Geum has a mountain load of family issues, plus the fact that she wants to spend the money so badly but couldn't, all these has made her ill.
Gun Woo's dad confiscates his credit cards, car and even the few bills left in his wallet. He warns Gun Woo, if he refuses to work he will be a pauper who does not even have 10 won in his pocket.
Gun Woo would never in his wildest dreams thought of the possibility that Soon Geum would be richer than him, he even states that she must have came into this house in hopes of seducing a rich man...