May 19, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep. 6

Love Mode - Clazziquai feat. Tablo
How has this show faired in comparison with your other Hong Sisters' drama? For me, it has certainly been refreshing. The reason? Well, for starters, for once the Hong Sisters took on a relatively older main cast, meaning no more dilly dalling leads - k-men that are totally self-aware, NOT in denial over their feelings and knows how to take charge and actually do something about it other than brooding. So triple woots over that!

Spoiler In Words
Dokko Jin takes Ae Jung with him and secretly leaves the cinema, leaving Geum P.D and Scriptwriter Han speculating: Has Dokko has already broken up with Seri? They even suspect that Dokko has a young lover, making Pil Joo very concerned over Ae Jung (oh how sweet).
Skipping to the day of Couple Making's recording! Over the dating's schedule, the fellow female stars are actually fighting in the open now. When Dokko Jin arrives on the filming site, he witnessed Ae Jung's fighting spirit and actually got a little sour over it (i.e jealous).