May 16, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 3

Ro-o-omance Town, romance town! I'm so in town for this one: No surprise on which trendy that has captured my heart, surpassing even the bigger names and more hyped-about ones. I guess that's the charm of the writer, who wrote Pasta that turned out to be an word-of-mouth hit through kdrama grapevines. 
On Rainy Days - BEAST

I'm currently on a mission to pimp the show, so if you see me in Darksmurf or viki doing subs, please say hi :)

Spoiler In Words
Soon Geum's dad gets involved in a struggle and needs a large sum of money for the surgery. In order to raise the money she meets with the maids of 1st Street, but bumps into the one that wants to get rid of her, Gun Woo. The lottery in her hands is even snatched away.
The maids suspect that Soon Geum is keeping her lottery win a secret because of her dad's surgery fees, and in order to expose her lie they sneak into Gun Woo's house...

Via Baidu's Romance Town