May 16, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Lie To Me Ep.4

After translating 3 episodes of Spoilers for Lie To Me, I can definitely say this: This SIW writer is like no other. It's basically a narration of a video with a duration of say, 5 minutes. It's so detailed I actually DON'T want to know some details. LOL, hard to explain but you'll get it when you read all the mundane stuff in the following paragraphs:

Spoiler In Words
When the door bursts open, Ah Jung quickly rushes to the elevator. Sang Hee stood at the door, pouting as he watches Ah Jung. He thinks her very interesting indeed (yup checked all boxes for Kdrama Second Lead - I say he is very doomed for "A Playboy's Sincere But Unrequited Love" in this relationship)

At home, Ki Joon is using his espresso machine to brew coffee. Holding a coffee at the dining table, he's reading the newspaper that he just brought in. His handphone rings, and it's Park Hoon. His assistant reports to him, telling him: "Miss Gong Ah Jung has checked out 30 minutes ago. And it looks like there's a man with her.
The upset Ki Joon replied, reprimanding him: "What the heck are you doing? This is the privacy of the hotel guests." But when his assistant hangs up, he's so distraught he couldn't even pay attention to the newspaper he was reading anymore. In fact, he was thinking about last night, how Ah Jung's eyes were when she pleaded to him.

On the other hand, The Ministry Of Culture and Tourism's department is extremely busy. At the Tourism Promotion Division, Manager Ahn who walked into the office sees Ah Jung's empty desk and laments on how capricious she is...

Chloe Says: Aside from the random details of espresso machine and newspapers and dining tables, I say this SIW is an overall jjiang! I could totally imagine the perky "innocent" (I'm still trying to decide whether he is faking it or not) assistant Park Hoon goading on Ki Joon, always ends up riling him "unintentionally". LOOOL. He's their cupid in the OTP's relationship (like SG's Oska!)