Mar 22, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep.3

One of my favorite versions of the song:
Stand By Me - 200 Pounds Beauty OST

With 2 episodes, it's sufficient for me to reach a conclusion to what I feel about this series. I'm not smitten (no 'doki-doki's, sorry my JHJ), but just a bit intrigued on one thing. That is: What purpose does Lee Yo Won's character play here? Since Bae Soo Bin x Ji Hyun OTP is pretty much out of the question if he's really seeing the best friend (scandalous! They still have the mood to shag?). That leaves us with Jo Hyun Jae (don't think I'll be getting any second lead syndrome soon). Also, does that mean Lee Yo Won's real character (the moody one, not the chirpy invaded-by-Nam Gyu Ri-one) does not matter at all, and she is just a plane? 

Dang. That means Lee Yo Won's significance is lesser than I thought. This is bad, 'cause I have a problem liking the main female character. Maybe it's the acting, but she ditsy. It's just me, I suppose. Even in real life, I can't stand overly chirpy people. They depress me. But anyways, there's no question I'll keep following these series. It's a dry spell in dramaland now, and I can't afford to be picky, heh.

Spoiler In Words Episode 3 
Seeing Min Ho and In Jung meeting secretly, Ji Hyun feels like escaping, hence she rushes out of the building. She presses the "Emergency Only" button to call for the Scheduler, only to be shouted at when he appeared. She yells, asking him whether he already knows why she got into an accident.
Han Kang finds Ji Hyun curled up on the ground at the bar entrance, muttering incessantly due to the shock of her discovery. She saw her fiance, and after handing over the proof of employment to Han Kang, she faints...

Chloe Says: PS, lets hope that Jo Hyun Jae has more expression than his current I'm-So-Pissed-At-You-But-Not-Really look. Seriously, that's his expression throughout the two episodes.