Mar 23, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep. 4

Things that define 49 Days: 

  • Dead, But Not Quite (i.e Soul In Limbo)
  • Invade Some Other's Body To See Your Loved Ones, But Wait You Can't Tell Them Who You Really Are (good luck!)

When it comes down to it, these two are the main reasons why I tune in to this show (not JHJ, or even Jung Il Woo in all his Shinigami hotness). As a romance fan, I'm a real sucker for point No. 2. and has since watch countless other shows with this as a theme (including Hallmark movies). 

I digress here, but have you ever watch HK film Fly Me To Polaris? The one starring then-newbies Richie Jen and Cecilia Chung? It's quite old (1999 film, to be exact) but it makes me cry, every. single. time. It's about this guy, Autumn who dies in an accident before he had the chance to tell the girl he loves about his feelings for her. He was given a chance to come back to Earth, but with a catch of course (see Point 2). Cecilia is brilliant playing the spunky Autumn, and is also the main reason why I'm a fan of hers (she rocks at playing  My Sassy Girl-like characters).

Do watch it if you have the time. Easily available on you*beep*

Spoiler In Words
Can't Have You - Hyun Bin 

Using Yi Kyung's body, Ji Hyun secretly goes into her own home to look for the seal. She knows that she must get her hands on it before Min Ho does. Suddenly she hears a human voice and she hides near the window on the 2nd floor in panic. Min Ho arrives at her house to look for the seal, but his efforts are in vain, and he leaves, disappointed. Ji Hyun, seeing all of this, is in even more disappointment and frustration.

Meanwhile, Han Kang is unhappy with In Jung skipping out on work only to return now. However, seeing In Jung's actions remind him of Ji Hyun (must be that fingernail thingy she does)

Chloe Says: You know, I swear I've watched this I'm-Really-A-Cheating-Bastard-Behind-Your-Back scenarios in achim kdramas a thousand times before (Ooh remember Don't Hesitate?). Bastard must be getting seal to get hands on her property, or something. Game on, cheater! Will be looking forward to seeing your downfall.