Mar 17, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Ep.19 + Preview Vid

I took a peek at TFW's official website out of curiosity, and erm...why is Rui Fan and Wei En still in the picture?! Don't they know we don't give a damn about them anymore? Can't they just focus on An Zhen's new life? Jeez.
Little Tree (Xiao Shu) - Lara

~Tip Nineteenth: Fierce is having the courage to be yourself~
Rui Fan meets with a dead end looking for a job, and feels depressed. 
He meets Ah Tang by chance. He finds out that Ah Tang's new job is involved in the planning of new TV programs, and they are looking for a woman who has both the beauty and the ability to whip up a good dish. Because of this Ah Tang is driven up the wall, and when Rui Fan hears about this he proposes An Zhen as a potential candidate to participate in the show!

After some pleading from Ah Tang, An Zhen finally succumbed to the request.
At the day of the recording, An Zhen arrives at the studio, only to bump into Ai Ling!
Things were going well, until the host asked An Zhen about her married life. An Zhen unknowingly teared up. The host ensures that this will not be aired, An Zhen cannot help but reveal the truth, her words: "Fierce is the courage to be yourself, and not be afraid!" These words touched not only Ai Ling present at the studio, but the audience as well...

Wei En sees the clip of An Zhen participating in the program, and misunderstands An Zhen. 
She thinks that An Zhen purposely aired her dirty laundry to make Rui Fan and her look bad (hc: Dude, you were soiled to begin with). The disgruntled Wei En grumbles to Rui Fan, and it escalates to an argument between them.

When Wei En arrives home, she finds the paparazzi sneaking at the entrance, looking for more details on An Zhen's story. Wei En purposely tells a misleading story... 

Ep. 19 Preview Vid: 

Via SETTV's The Fierce Wife Official Website