Feb 15, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Sign Ep. 13

Song Beneath The Song - Maria Taylor (Is this song appropriate for Valentine's? haha, Happy V-day everyone ;D)

Spoiler In Words
Ji Hoon concluded that Han Tae Joo's cause of death was acute endogenous death*(a natural COD), and the conclusion causes a commotion in the gallery. Da Kyung, Woo Jin, Yi Han looks at him with disbelieve while Lee Myung Han and Jeong Che Yong raises a smile. In the end the results was not to prosecute Jeong Che Yong, and he faced the barrage of reporters' questions with a smile and calmly walked on. Seeing this Da Kyung could not stomach this injustice. Intending to reverse the non-prosecution decision, Woo Jin is determined to find new evidence to bring up prosecution again...
On the other hand, Ji Hoon arrives at Mr. Jung's grave and looks at it mournfully. After a while, he slowly turned around only to see Lee Myung Han standing right where he could see him...

Via Baidu's Sign