Feb 14, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Paradise Ranch Episode 7 & 8

Should I Apologize? - As One (Sassy Girl Chun Hyang OST)

Spoiler In Words Episode 7
Yoon Ho sits Da Ji on a bench under the tree, and asks her on whether she is satisfied on this bench specially meant for her. Da Ji is touched and asked, "Is this ajusshi's own work?" 
She then found a scar on his hand and asks, is he injured? He then tells her that they're many scars on his hands, and recounts his childhood memories to her. Da Ji is sadden, and went to hold his hand...

Spoiler In Words Episode 8 
At the hotel's jazz bar, Da Ji and Yoon Ho, Dong Joo and Jin Young sat at the same table, listening to the hotel's music while dining. Dong Joo then proceded to thank Jin Young for her warm hospitality. Seeing this, Da Ji felt that the Dong Joo in front of her feels so alien. Suddenly she feels angry, and she gulped down her wine. Dong Joo who sees this and does not approve.
Later when Da Ji excused herself to the bathroom, Dong Joo uses this opportunity to rebuke her, he drags her out and tells her off: that she doesn't even know the difference between wine and water and has no etiquette. Hearing this Da Ji gets mad and retorted, "Whether I am taking water; drinking how much wine OR creating how many troubles, it has nothing to do with you." Dong Joo continues to yell at her, and he accidentally revealed what he really felt. 

Chloe Says: While in the latest upcoming episode she may be making a fool out of herself in front of her ex, but at least she looks pretty while doing it ('cause we know that's all that matters):

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