Feb 8, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Episode 11

No words. I'm literally gritting my teeth in anticipation at all the drama that's inevitably gonna come.
One of the very first songs from IU:
Missing Child (Acoustic ver.) - IU
Spoiler In Words 
Hye Mi is elated to find out that she'll be debuting soon, because that means that she'll soon be on the same stage as Jin Gook. But alas, it's short lived. In order to prevent Teacher Kang from getting dismissed, Hye Mi, Pil Sook and Sam Dong must get an A for their upcoming composing test. But Sam Dong suddenly dissappears, and although their test is just looming ahead, Hye Mi has to find Sam Dong no matter what. 
On the other hand, Baek Hee's soon to be kicked out from Group K (huh, why?). In order to prove her abilities, she promises that she'll get an A from the upcoming test as well. 

Via Baidu's Dream High