Jan 26, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Sign Episode 7

I have my sights set on this drama for the Chinese New Year hols, I barely watched seconds of this first episode and I'm already hooked by the dramatic tension going on. Am bracing myself for some uncensored autopsy scenes - boy, do I sound like a wussy (I blame the government and their TV censorship policy). 

Spoiler In Words

Woo Jin interrogates Lee Jeong-beom again, questioning him whether it's out of fear he refuses to divulge: that he witnessed his son killing and is afraid. In the end Lee Jeong-beom tells her the possible places Ahn Soo Hyun would be in. 
In order to avoid the killer truck, Da Kyung has been running around and gotten herself hurt everywhere. There isn't an escape route in sight. In the deep fog, not only has she lost her direction, her leg is starting to limp too and there is the roaring of the truck's engine getting closer and closer! She grit her teeth and runs, and through the fog she sees the police cars and officers. But it looks like the truck is going to run her over, Da Kyung is caught in a crisis! And, what will be the outcome of the serial killer case? 
Meanwhile in Japan the bones of whom is suspected to be a Korean has been uncovered. The minister thinks it's a new case, and sends Ji Hoon for a trip to Japan.

Via Baidu's Sign