Jan 12, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Secret Garden Episode 19 & 20

If there's one drama I want an extension on, it would be this one. I know there's an unspoken kdrama law against this -if I were to put it into words it would be All Kdramas Extension Suck. But can a SG crack addict help what she feels? No siree. So help me out guys, what's the best substitute for Binnie? 

Spoiler In Words Episode 19

Joo Won gazes at Ra Im's parting figure for a long time, but when she turns back and waves towards him so beautifully, he unconsciously grabs her and tells her he will give her a lift home. To which Ra Im replied, "Why did you came out so late? Come here quickly..." She then asks him to hand over his car keys (because she has an important meeting). Joo Won couldn't get a word in edgewise, he has forgotten all the things he wanted to say...(Ha! Another deja vu. Round two of a screaming Binnie, anyone?)

Spoiler In Words Episode 20
Director Park looks nervously at Joo Won sitting right across him. Joo Won gazes at him coldly. He asks him to go to the highest position, apart from his own (i.e JW's president/ C.E.O position). Seul hands Oska a schedule. Tae Ssun always browbeats Oska and TS sends him out on an errand. After Oska left and leaving the two behind, they begin to throw insults at each other (and Seul has an unexpected rival, hehehe).

Via SG's Official Website, Baidu's Secret Garden (Chi trans)