Jan 2, 2011

Spoiler In Words: My Princess Episode 1

Last Kiss - Supernova

Wahhh this is so tough: Between MP, Sign and Paradise Ranch AND Dream High, which is your pick? Or would you follow them all? To be honest I want to, but I don't think it's humanly possible to do so...

hellochloe also has a little announcement to make: I'll be going to Taiwan in a few days time to explore their night markets, dip in their onsens and stay in a caravan (or something). There's even a Jay Chou's cuisine restaurant in the agenda? *scratch head* Anyway if all goes well, I shall be back in six days or so ;)

Spoiler In Words

Diplomat Hae Young was attending to his ambassador guests when he first meets Lee Seol who is similarly doing her arbeit there. 
Their first meeting did not go well. Later, they meet again at the department store! Hae young is then stunned speechless by Lee Seol's absurd request.
Meanwhile, Cheong Wa Dae's (i.e. Blue House -the residence of South Korea's President) President exerts his authority to propose a referendum on the issue of the re-establishment of royal family. 
Daehan Group's President, Park Dong Jae orders his grandson Hae Young to locate the whereabouts of The One Whom The Debt Must Be Repaid To.
"The One Whom The Debt Must Be Repaid To"

Chloe Says: Aside from the obvious eye candy factor, I really hope the show pulls me in in terms of the storyline. *drumming with anticipation* Nonetheless, I'll be getting my popcorn ready on the 5th of January. Nom nom.

Oh wait, I won't be here. Darn it.