Dec 27, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Sign Ep.1 + Stills

Sign and My Princess might have the same premier date, but S is churning out their spoiler goodies earlier in hopes of garnering more interest before the big day. Which is understandable, since the other show involves bigger names -Kim Tae Hee and SSH.
A boy band's member demise...whodunnit? 

While I can't vouch for the citizens of Korea, but for the online community, I think it's kind of obvious which show everyone's more excited/curious about. I'm sensing nil attention for this drama, which is sad because I'm itching for a good investigation series for a while now. 

Usually I get my supply of investigation-crack from j-dramas (this year's Shinzanmono was mind-blowing), but venturing into the lesser known territory of kdrama sounds fun. And there's always the fact that there'll be more followers if Episode 1 turned out good. I just hope the technical scenes are realistic enough. 

Spoiler In Words 
The whole of Korea's in love with this group of young men! Fans from Japan, China, Southeast Asia...more than thirty thousand of them have gathered to cheer for Voice, four-member kpop group. The concert is in full swing.
Leader Yoon Hyung, Juno, Miki and Jay; not only do they have refined looks like a sculpture but they have a beast-like enigma to them as well. Each showed their personal charisma on stage and the concert was a blast. When it was time for the fireworks finale, Yoon Hyung was suppose to appear with a bang! onstage. But when the lights went on, the stage was empty. At this moment, a scream was heard in the dressing room. 

The crime scene was chaotic; the investigators are total newbies; there are innumerable amount of suspects and ZERO evidence! The only thing they have is Yoon Hyung's dead body.

Band members turned murder suspects?

Via SBS Sign Official Website