Jan 20, 2011

Sign OST MVs and SIW: Episode 6

Wow this is the first time I have translated such a suspenseful SIW. Hope it ends comically.
As Ji Hoon and Da Kyung survey the scene where the body was found, they came across an abandoned farm at the foot of the hill. Looking for traces left by the perpetrator, she discovers a car with an eagle logo, and the logo even has traces of the crime that happened.

She was looking around and walked into the building when a white hand that came out from nowhere tapped her shoulder. Da Kyung fled screaming in panic and a shadow follows her! She runs in panic but hits a dead end. As she looks to the back with desperation in her eyes, there's something that is fast approaching her. What should she do? After a quick scan on her surroundings, there wasn't a place for her to hide or escape.

Meanwhile, Ji Hoon is scared when Da Kyung suddenly hangs up on him. He calls Woo Jin to quickly bring the police to the crime scene and he begins to find her himself...

Two MV's, the first one is the song I posted in Episode 5's SIW, Good Person by Suk Hee and Kim Jin Pyo

And this, Day of Seperation by a favorite band of mine, Supernova:

They're so cute!