Jan 18, 2011

Sign's Ep. 5 SIW And Stills From Their Filming In Japan

Ew ew ew ew ewwwww. This drama is definitely not for the faint hearted - it's infinitely more graphic than CSI or their Japanese counterparts. I just saw the part where they were performing the post-mortem examination on the dead body and as they slice and dice every nearly every part of the body, the only thing that kept me watching was the fact that it's fake. "It's just a show, it's not real, those are rubber dolls" is what I keep convincing myself. *Heaves*
The not so icky moments.

Oh I'm so in love with this song - such good rapping from Kim Jin Pyo! I recognize his name because I reported on his son wearing a Bling Bling Tracksuit from SG
Good Person - Suk Hee & Kim Jin Pyo (Sign OST)

Spoiler In Words
Ji Hoon struggles to see the body with the UV lighting retrieved from the noraebang. Under the faint light, he discovers an eagle mark on the victim's chest. 

Myung Han thinks its no ordinary hit-and-run case; Ji Hoon finds a similar mark on the deceased's foot. Therefore he concluded that the same vehicle did these. 

Meanwhile, Yi Han who's looking for further evidence related to the arson case stops near the Western branch and chanced upon Ji Hoon's autopsy report. He reports back to Woo Jin that it could be serial murders. 

Seeing this stills make me wanna go visit Japan again. Such a beautiful country:

Uom Ji-won makes a wish.

Heh. Park Shin Yang looks so adorkable here.

It's sure not the scenery they're taking pictures of. 

Japanese 101: Konnichiwa!