Jan 2, 2011

SG: Ep. 16's Preview Transript

(Updated with long preview transcript!) Usually I watch hospital scenes with a 3rd person disinterest sort of way and this is the first time I'm feeling horror over a scene (the paramedics!). The whole thing's so real and surreal at the same time. Joo Won aaah! *Rushes to the hospital*

Screencaps from the long preview (Actually the first two are from me2day but it's the same. Honest):
Crying to the phone: "There's a person trapped in LOEL Dept Store's elevator, he has claustrophobia, you must save him, you must!"
She hails a cab: LOEL Dept Store!
Meanwhile, Joo Won has difficulties breathing. Ra Im tells the taxi driver to hurry up. Joo Won suffers some more. Finally the doors pry open.
Sec. Kim keeps calling out "President!" (i.e Joo Won) He tells the firefighters to hurry up. His dialogue alternates between "President!", "Open the doors quickly!" and as he follows the paramedics "How did you turn out like this?" to the unconscious Joo Won. 
Ra Im arrives at LOEL's entrance, and sees the ambulance. She asks the cab driver to tail it.

Action School. Cupid tells JS that the director (of Dark Blood) personally asked about the reason for the absence of the JS's Action School participant.

Cupid: Has she really gone mad? Why wouldn't she attend such an important event?
Oska comes out from the police station, a throng of reporters gathered outside. They fired questions at him, "Has the case been solved?" "Did you and the composer had a confrontation?" "How are you feeling right now?"

Oska: Yeah, firstly I feel like I have proved my innocence. The weight has left my shoulders.
Female reporter: Can you look forward this side so we can take a picture?
Oska jokes that is not his best side -left side is better. He tells the reporters on the left to give pictures of him to the reporters on the right. 
Male reporter: *laughing* "Alright. This time your colleagues and acquaintances helped you a lot, didn't they?"

Oska tells them yes, he has recently come to realize that and expressed his gratitude to them. 
Seul's studio. She comes in and sees Oska eating tofu. 
Oska: Where did you go?
Seul: When did you come?
Oska: Just now. *Shows her the tofu* I just got out of the police station
Seul: Oh, really?
Oska: Hey, aren't you worried about me at all? You're the one who leaked this out after all.

Seul tells him she's busy and asks him to get straight to the point. 
Oska: Are you really not worried about me at all? I settled the case today, Cherry helped me. 
At the cafe, TS and Oska. 
TS: You asked me to come, so say something! Why are you staring at me so annoyingly?
Oska tells him he's curious why he shot down the opportunity to sign with Seul. Oska asks him to sign up with him, he'll make TS earn a lot like him. TS turns down the proposal. 

Oska: Why?
TS: 'Cause I'm not willing to!
Oska persists.
TS: "Why are you insisting on having me? Do you like me?
Oska's home. Ra Im sips her tea. Oska gives her his 2011 calendar, he praises the photos in it himself. Ra Im agrees that he looks good (urg, cheesy exchanges again.) and asks for a signature. He teases her, saying she wants to show off how close she's to him. 

Ra Im changes to a more serious topic and asks him whether he is still staying at Oska's place. Oska tells her the more JW's mom protest, the more JW will fight back. 

He tells her JW's mom calls him everyday and pesters him to kick JW out. He hands her the calendar.

RI: Thank you. Speaking of it, I've always been curious about something: Why is it you always purposely lose out to JW?
Oska: Oh! How did you know I purposely lost to him? Everyone thinks I get bullied by him.
RI: Because you have a blissful expression when you're bullied. 
Oska: The more I see, the more I think Ms. Ra Im is a good woman. The reason why I do that is because he experienced something awful when he was 21 years old (ha! sifu was right about the age). He suffered a lot and has a phobia because of that.
RI: What happened?
Oska: I'll let JW tell you that, when he remembers.
RI: What?
Oska tells her JW subconsious chose to forget that incident (see short preview below)
Short Preview Transcript
Wowza! I did not realize the HJW phone interview would spark pages-long discussion at soompi. A casual phone conversation is one thing; I'm surprised the said question was asked in SBS Awards as well. 

I expected more professionalism out of the MCs. Don't they know that on-screen chemistry is to be distinguished from off-screen? I'll just take that as a compliment that they're TOO GOOD of an actor, thank you.
At Ra Im's home. 

    Ra Im: *takes out the calendar* This is your doing, right?
Joo Won: It's not me, you're the one who did it, line by line (*snicker* good one, JW).

Oska's mom hands JW's mom the newspaper headline. 
Oska's mom: It's her isn't it? (She's) The one who went on a matseon with JW right?
   JW's mom: What are they doing?
The Sour Grape Guy responsible for Oska x Seul breakup.

Seul: Who says you can turn back time? Who says it's okay for you to bring me back to the time when I was hurt the most? 

Ah Young's voiceover: I heard there's only one month left to live!

(Omo, so manly!) Jong Soo punches JW.
Joo Won's voiceover: You knew of my condition earlier?

Oska: To protect himself, I think his subconscious chose to forget it.

Joo Won: You must believe me, I will surely make a miracle happen. 

33 secs short preview:

Credits: Baidu (Chi trans), special thanks to Yvonne@soompi for mentioning said preview.