Jan 4, 2011

The Memory Of Joo Won's Accident

The OTP may be together now, but the show is by no means less addictive or even the slightest bit anticlimatic. Sure, some of it has been revealed, but the accident is still shrouded in mystery. By the end of Episode 16, I positively feel like throttling someone. 
EVERYONE knows (except for the OTP o'course) but WHY oh why won't anyone talk? It's driving me crazy. What made a 21-year-old Joo Won so traumatized he chose to forget for the past twelve years? How exactly did RI's dad died? [SPOILERS AHEAD]

I'm sorry for the lack of imagination from my part (err, no. Not spoiler yet), but when one speak of Elevator Accidents, I'm thinking about Final Destination body-sliced-into-two-pieces type of death. Head-snapped-off-by-the-elevator-door also comes into mind. 

Damn. I might just use the escalators from now on. 

A broody song to accompany this depressing spoiler:
Temptation - Moby feat. Laura Dawn

Twelve years ago...
In order to protect her inheritance, JW's mom dismisses her secretary, who has been like a family to her. The secretary bore a grudge and plans revenge on her son. That time, Joo Won has just arrived back to Korea, the secretary traps JW into an elevator and sets fire to the building. 

The fire department receives the alarm and deployed the fireman crew to the location. RI's dad manages to rescue Joo Won, but unfortunately he couldn't escape the fire engulfed building. Ra Im's dad died in exchange for Joo Won's life (hey, no blamin' here. Just stating what's translated).

The murderer is identified, and JW's family plunged into chaos by the knowledge that the culprit was someone close to them.
Joo Won was stuck in the elevator; due to the heat and toxic gases, his life hanging by the thread. He witnessed first-hand how RI's dad burnt to death right in front of his eyes, and that lead to his amnesia.

After the accident, JW's grandpa gave him the LOEL Deparment Store affairs to handle, in hopes he'll recover from the trauma.
Like that, Joo Won remembers what had happened. But the identity of the person who saves him is still a shadow to him, he can't remember his face.

Back to the present...
Ra Im begins to avoid Joo Won (hc: shakes head and mourns)
Ra Im kisses Oska right in front of Joo Won (shit this corroborates with the previous spoiler I posted).
She says, "My oppa treats me the best." (oh are we taking this route now? Thanks Writer-nim, thanks alot)

She tells Joo Won, "If you won't become Little Mermaid, then go." (hc: *headdesk* bang bang bang.) Joo Won continues to pester her, even shedding a tear.

But Ra Im treats him coldly, she doesn't want him to remember, afraid he would be hurt (huh? Sorry, but why would he get hurt because of this? Someone enlighten me please.) She does not want JW to feel guilty over her, thus she avoids him. (seriously. don't. get. it.)

The people from Dark Blood contacts her. 
RI finds out that this is due to JW's doing. Hence, she refuses the offer.
Jong Soo feels sorry for RI's lost opportunity to play the role. He arranges a car stunt scene - the one she always wanted to do - for her. And so Ra Im debuts for her first car stunt scene. The car has some defects, but she continues to soldier on.

Joo Won hears her dad's voice (don't ask), telling him to stop Ra Im from doing the car stunt. JW rushes to the shooting location, but the accident has already happened and Ra Im loses 
consciousness. The vehicle erupts into flames, and Joo Won finally remembers: he knows that RI's dad is the one who saved him. 

In an instant, he jumps into the fire and saves Ra Im, just like how her dad saved him (Again, don't ask. Beats me why there isn't a stunt crew on standby).

A few years later...(WTF is this some kind of fanfic? what kind of sadist would write this stuff?!! And why the infamous Years Later, WHY????)

Chloe Says: Okay, I just finished the last of my tissues. Excuse me while I make a paper parachute and proceed to jump off the building. Such an end seem wayyy better than to watch this train wreck of a plot enfold.

Via dc, Baidu's Secret Garden (Chi trans)